Wednesday, December 26, 2007


As predicted they can't even file a report with free help. Read it here...
24 Bets Miss Filing Deadline
One political
party and a third of the candidates who ran in the Nov. 3 midterm election missed the Monday deadline for filing campaign finance reports. Public Auditor Michael Sablan said only 50 of the 74 candidates had filed their statements of account. These include 31 of the 46 candidates for House of Representatives, seven of the 10 for the Senate, nine of the 13 for the municipal councils, and three of the five for the Board of Education. Of the 24 who have not filed, at least 10 have been granted an extension as of 1pm Monday. Sablan also said that one of the three local political parties had not complied with the requirement.
OPA has provided free technical help and notary service to candidates filing campaign finance reports. OPA staff also made numerous phone calls to filers over the past three weeks to remind them of their responsibility.
Irresponsible and pig headed, these people should all be barred from ever running again. You know they won't pay the stupid little fine and can't give a damn about the rules and requirements, these 'above the law' assholes. What makes them think they don't have to be accountable? These people should be barred and never allowed to participate in running for any official office ever again. I think that would perk up their dumb asses to get with the program. I predicted this would happen, not because I'm a future seer but because this is a regular occurrence after every election and they still continue to do it every election.
So this is no surprise... Read the following post
Post # 837... A Very Simple Thing..
A quote from this post...
Now how much do you wanna bet there are winners and losers who can't figure this out. Just watch how the people who want to run this community can't even file their campaign finance reports. Watch this, it will happen I guarantee it.
And here it is!!!!
So what should be done to these blatant lawbreakers? Jail until paid? Wanna be lawmakers turned lawbreakers...
Just another abuse of this warped style of incompetent leadership, and asshole politicians. Aren't you just sick and tired of this bullshit?..


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Merry Christmas, Glen, from the Bateman's. Hope you have a prosperous New Year and get the contract for that new golf course.

bigsoxfan said...

This is the limit. Next time the pumpkin poops, I'm emailing you a picture of the diaper. You'll be able to use it one day. Wonder how long it will be before they can make smells come out of a computer? Apple Scratch 'n Sniff, might be on to something here.

lil_hammerhead said...

They should have named names. What kind of vague information was that?