Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Fair play is is an issue here and we will soon see the true side of the legislature.
The Story Here: House Condemns MHS Teacher for Letter:

Ron Hodges gets a resolution condemning him for suggesting one spit in the soup of a tourist.
As noted here...
The House of Representatives adopted yesterday the controversial resolution condemning a schoolteacher for his public statements on foreign labor in the CNMI. By voice vote, the lawmakers unanimously approved House Resolution 15-219 “condemning Ron Hodges for behavior unbecoming of a Public School System teacher and for his unnecessary and inflammatory language to cause possible damage to the people and tourists of the CNMI.
”Well here's another letter written in the local paper issuing threats directly against the you, the legislature. A threat of physical bodily harm against all members in the 'glass house.' Yes that is you too Stanley, so what will you do about this? Look the other way, simply ignore it, since it is a 'local and not an 'outsider.'
I challenge you to enact fair treatment in this case and handle this just as you did in the case of Ron Hodges.
Here is the case I speak of... The Story Here
Written by:
President, Taotao Tano
CNMI Association Inc.

Ms. Sablan, be careful when you step into the Legislature next year because you will enter your new, ever clear, polished and shiny “Glass House.” There will be more people looking in than you can possibly count. You think that as a congresswoman it will make you all powerful? Sorry, think again, for people in glass houses better be careful when throwing stones, because those looking in might throw boulders! Now isn’t that ironic!

So, Stanley T. McGinnis Torres, we are now awaiting your response to see what actions you will take on this threat. This is not simply spitting in a tourists bowl of soup but a threat to throw boulders directly at you and the whole legislature. We will be able to see by your actions that you treat all people and things equal. If your actions are not similar to your resolution condemning Ron Hodges we will demand to know why. If the same actions aren't taken here and now then we will know for sure as to what you really are and that being feebleminded, shameless and crooked.... (Where have you heard that before?) The ball is now in your court and we are awaiting your action... You now have the opportunity to show that the first resolution wasn't just a racist sham, by treating this threat with the same due diligence and to show your true self... Do the right thing.
PS. Look for this in the Saipan Tribune soon....

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