Monday, April 28, 2008


Betting on the economy:
As I've been saying,
this economy is in a state of crashing and the time is very close. I won't get into the reason I'm saying this is because I've said it all already in posts like MC1 or maybe post MC .. Or in the news here... MC6..
It's not about... IF it will happen but more or less WHEN it will happen. What I want to see is how long do you think it will take to happen? So I'm placing a poll giving you a chance to pick which week it will happen in, you pick a week that you think will be the first 24 hour island wide power outage. You see that will be the line I have drawn in the sand to use as a breaking point. So when do you think will be the week that Saipan goes 24 hrs. in an islandwide outage?
The poll question:
In which week do you think will be the first 24 hour island-wide black-out.
Yup it's not if, it's when! So take your pick!
Now I have picked the last week of May 25 - 31. If you would like to register your vote place it under 'comments'. Anon's try to I-D your comment, with a letter or number..


glend558 said...

MAY: 25 - 31

Pj said...

Hey Glen,
Which do you think will happen first, A pay less payday or a 24hr power outage?

glend558 said...

Flip a coin.
I'll go with the power outage. It's so close now, it could happen anytime.

lil_hammerhead said...

CUC says they only have fuel for this week and no more money. I'm waiting to hear what's going to happen on Saturday or Sunday? Will the week's collections cover two days worth of fuel? One day?

berto said...

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