Sunday, April 13, 2008



So Ben and Tim, don't waste your money running again.
You will need it to retire since you so badly demolished the retirement fund.
Be sure to vote in the polls on the right side of the page....


lil_hammerhead said...

Yay! I'm the first one to answer your new poll!

thomas said...

hey glen,
sorry to see yr favorite ranked so hi in the poll!!!!!

thomas said...

Sorry Glen,
My posting was in reference to the poll concerning the impeachment/kick out poll for the incompetent/impotent legislators ; and I use that term loosely !not the Fitial poll. Stanley hopefully reads your site and will take the poll results to heart before he seeks re-election but the people reading your site are not the ones voting unfortunately. Your's and LiL 's blogs should be PRINTED DAILY IN BOTH NEWSPAPERS so that the general public gets a " NO BULL SHIT " version of what's really going on !!! Harry and Ruth have fallen by the wayside ; even tho they had access to both media and the radio . I wonder why. I see the Harry/Tan /Fitial connection , but I think Ruth is tired of beating her head against the wall. Please , lil , you , Jeff and most importantly ; Tina and Ed Salas in the legislature ; don't give up the fight , you will hoefully prevail.

Tks for ur daily input , I appreciate it more than u can immagine

Thailand Thom

glend558 said...

Thomas, Thank you for clearing that up. I was wondering what you meant. All is clear now. I also appreciate your comments, keep on reading and commenting.
Yes, dear old Stanly TLC is taking the lead, now if we could only get him to take a hike!
Thanks again!