Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Yup, Here we go again. Spending time on the really important issues like coolers and the venue for the governor to give his 'we're still broke' speech. This is still taking front and center of their issues.
You might say, but you wrote posts on these trivial topics awhile ago, well I did, that's exactly my point, they are still the hot, front and center topics... still unresolved while we slip into the 2009 budget without passing a 2008 budget.
Don't you just want to go slap the dumb asses upside the head with a 2x4 to get their attention and wake 'um up?
In an interview yesterday, Pangelinan said he was surprised to hear about the incident involving Sapan Republican Reps. Stanley T. Torres and Diego T. Benavente. (the cooler fiasco) He said the people are observing and are now relying on the Legislature to work together in addressing the commonwealth’s worsening problems. The time consumed in arguing could have been devoted to finding solutions to the CNMI’s problems, he added. He recalled that during the party meeting a few months ago, someone noted that once an election is over, elected officials tend to forget what they were elected for.
Wow! I've been saying this for how long now?
Did they just figure it out? Damn, took 'um a long time to digest this simple fact, don't you think?
THE disagreement between the House and Senate over the selection of a venue for Gov. Benigno R. Fitial’s 'State of the Commonwealth Address'.
Senate President Pete P. Reyes, R-Saipan, wants the venue moved to the House chamber to cut on costs.
The House, however, said it should be held at its traditional venue, the multi-purpose center in Susupe.
But Palacios said both houses should come together and come up with a solution. “Both houses should find a compromise solution,” he said.
I offered them a solution a week ago, 3/27/08, did they miss it or was it to complicated for them to understand?
Read it here.... My solution....
"Maybe I can help solve the problem you are bickering about, for the venue of the "we're still broke" message to be delivered by the governor. Never mind the bullshit message, just forgetabouttit. We don't need it anyway. We already know we're broke, does he need to rub it in? He has no solutions. Besides, who cares anyway?"
See how simple that was, no problem.....


Anonymous said...

I heard someone in the legislator spent several thousand dollars on new chairs (Glenna)for the big speech and the mutipurpose center doesn't have room, so that's why they are bickering to justify the money spent on chairs

glend558 said...

The multi-purpose center is larger then the House chamber, so that don't make sense. The justifying of buying chairs for the House chamber does, however. Maybe the
M-PC doesn't have chairs...
Still this is of top concern for these idiots, forget the budget, CUC and other secondary problems...
Use the chairs first..
Forget the whole damn 'we are still broke' speech!

Anonymous said...

How do you save money moving it from the Multi Purpose center to the house chamber when the own both, what a few lights!