Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Watching the KSPN News tonight questions were ask of two senators about the problems at CUC. They both seemed ready to pass the problems to the non-functioning PTU Board. Lets take a look at this buck passing, scapegoating approach and see how this board should be working.
There is now only three members seated and they say that is a quorum so there needs to be at least two or three more members to be added. Next they state there is a six month training course for them to take so in effect they are nonoperational at this point and for the next six months. Now how about the next two or three as they get added will they all be required to take the training and will the board function without all the members trained? Now you can be looking at many moons until they all are seated and trained. This is like pissing into the wind.
Our problems are NOW not months down the road. Why are these people so stupid as not to see and understand this? The facts are we are on a path to island wide black-outs in the very near future due to lack of funds for fuel and these idiots continue to play games. How hard is it to do a simple bit of math and make CUC's rates equal their costs? I can do that, you probably could too. Rates = Costs... Income = Expenses. Simple shit!
This baffle with bullshit don't work for me and it shouldn't for you. You can figure this out, yes? Why can't the numbnuts on the hill do the same? Irresponsible bullshit is what we are getting from this legislature. (click pic to read the banner)

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