Saturday, April 19, 2008


Do you think this will really pass? If you do, you are a dreamer. All this will accomplish is months of bickering, infighting, hurt feelings and a lot of crap. And when the dust settles so very little will have been accomplished, if anything, as you will see below.
Here is the subject I'm referring to... Story Here..
Salary Cut Mulled for Ranking Government Officials..

Panel eyed to study 10 percent salary cut:
Legislation has been proposed to create a commission that will study a 10-percent pay cut for all elected government officials. The proposed salary reduction will affect the governor, lieutenant governor, senators, representatives, judges, justices, and mayors, whose salaries are all constitutionally protected. The panel will consist of two members from the House of Representatives, one from the Senate, one from the Executive Branch, and one from the Judiciary. A 10-percent salary cut against all elected officials will save the government about $213,560 a year.
Smart friggin' move, put people on the panel to lower their own wages. What is wrong with this picture? This is really stupid, don't you think? Would you vote to lower your own wages? Answer that question truthfully and you will see just what I'm getting at.
Shall we see what this really means and how much it will help?
$213,560 will only buy 1,525 barrels of fuel ( @$140.00 per.) for CUC. CUC needs 25,000 barrels per month.
Therefore this will only buy (6.1%) of ONE month of fuel supply.
The math... 25,000 X 6.1% = 1,525bbl. 25,000 barrels / 30 days = 833bbl per day.
1,525bbl = less then 2 days of fuel. Approx 1.8 days. WOW!
it will support 10 people with an annual salary at $21,356.00 per yr. each. (@10.26 per hr.) This will save 10 jobs.
So we can either pay for 1.8 days of fuel for CUC or save 10 useless jobs. Take your pick! Either way it is a drop in the bucket in the whole scheme of things. The panel created to make this humongous and important decision will probably chew up all the savings before the cuts are ever enacted. Everything is now taken care of, all our problem's are solved! NOT, nothing changes at all.
Do you really think they will do this? It's all bullshit! PR propaganda, nothing more!


glend558 said...

OK, I beat you here. Salaried govermnent officials taking a 10% pay cut along with all the others who are mandated into taking a pay cut will make things fair for all.

lil_hammerhead said...

Anytime the "little man's" salary is being cut by them.. they should cut their own. They're not making a whole lot.. the point is showing that we're all together in this mess and we all need to do a little sacrificin'

The Judiciary needs to join in.. bigtime. As I've said on many occasions.. wouldn't it be nice if every single job was paid the salary equivelant to that of the same job stateside.. but they're not. Accountants don't make $3.55 an hour in California, or any other state for that matter. So why should Judges' salaries be the only ones that are "in line" with their stateside counterparts?

Answer is.. they shouldn't be. At least not when there isn't a push to do that to every other job.