Wednesday, April 16, 2008


If something isn't done soon, and I don't mean in the next 60 days or 'whenever we get around to it' the shit will hit the fan. If what is going on now doesn't raise a red flag and scream out- loud for immediate attention, then what will it take? In the news tonight legislators seemed melancholy and distant to the serious problem at hand.
Lets take a look at whats going down...
First, the problem is, there isn't enough money to carry CUC's cost's and their need to pay for fuel.
The problem created is thus.. Rates (income) do not meet costs (expenses.) Or as it's called, full cost recovery is simply not happening. Story Here
CUC's rates must go up! regardless of what the legislators and TTT think! If you can't meet the higher costs pull your main breaker, turn it off and only use it when you decide you need it, then it is your choice and not CUC's random load shedding. Others that need power to keep their businesses running can do the same, again turn it off and on at your convince. Others who can pay the bill will have reliable power. I know this is not what you want but it is stark reality. Pre-paid meters would fix this and you would be in control and free of the haphazard, randomly load shedding choices of CUC.
The answer...Raise the rates to meet costs!
Now here is the lolly gagging....
The legislature wants to give the newly formed PUC 60 days to come to a conclusion to set new rates. Now this is all well and good if you have the time but we are OUT OF TIME now!
So lets wait the 60 days and assume they are smart enough to set the rates at a level where, Rates = Costs. Now the rates are raised, it will take another month for the costumers to get the increases rates. Then there will be another month until CUC starts to bill the new rates. Then another month to receive these higher rates as income. Now lets throw in another month to order fuel and pay for it out of the increased rates. We have just dwindled away nearly half of the year.
So the next question is, providing all of these plans move forward, What will be done in the meantime? That is where the shit meets the proverbial fan!
The governor who is now frolicking around the islands, must declare another State of Emergency and set the rates at approximately .35 to .40 cents across the board.
Now I know you won't like this, and neither do I, but the truth must be told, it's either pay for the costs to produce power or sit in the dark. Reality is that simple. We simply can't wait another five/six months. This plan could be put into action tomorrow, but I can assure you it won't and we will suffer once again for the stupidity, ignorance and incompetency of this Fitial administration.
If you don't understand what I'm saying, I don't know what I can say to make it any clearer. And I can't fathom why the government can't see through this either.
I'm tired of this shit and I know you all are too.
The Time To Act Is Now, Governor.


lil_hammerhead said...

And the PUC are stating that they need months. They need to be "trained" first. Trained to do what!? I haven't seen a straight answer on that one. I've heard it a number of times and haven't a clue. They're saying they need 6 months!

glend558 said...

Yup, I heard that training thing. I'm sure there is a modus operandi to follow but time is of essence here. I'm sure CUC can come up with a rate to cover their ass until such a time an accurate and fair rate could be established. The problem is time, as usual nothing gets done until it becomes an 'emergency' then things are rammed through without thought.

Marianas Pride said...

In the meantime, our Governor has promised that he will deliver his campaign promise of "Better Times" in his second term.

Hmmmm, anyone care to vote for him? Anyone? Anyone?

(Crickets heard in the background to the deafening sound of complete and utter silence...)

Anonymous said...

Come on give them some training or take what you you really think you want 3 totally untrained people to set the way!!!!

glend558 said...

Anon. It's all about time. The suggestion was, while they are being trained there needs to be an interim rate aet by CUC to avoid the debt getting deeper and keeping the power on. Yes training is a must. When they are ready we'll take their recommendation. I can tell you now what the rates should be, but will wait to see the brillance of the newley trained PUC.

Tamara said...

FYI, a CUC employee just left my office. I asked him whats the deal, are we going to have a total black out tomorrow or Saturday..and he responded by saying he was not at liberty to release that information. Then he asked me if we had a back up generator and I said Yes...and he said, GOOD!

Hope everyone has stocked up on batteries, candles and gas for their stoves!

lil_hammerhead said...

Sit Public Utilities Commissioner! Sit! Now roll over! Fetch! There's your "training". Now spend a whole night, crunch the numbers and set some sound rates.

Marianas Pride said...

In the meantime, y'all got enough candles and batteries?

Hey, maybe we can crash at the Governor's mansion! He has a huge generator!