Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here is something I repeated many, many times... The cause of the financial problems at CUC are due to both of these 'can't do the math' organizations. Story Here
SPEAKER Arnold I. Palacios was asked to comment about the statements made by Sen. Luis P. Crisostimo, D-Saipan. According to Crisostimo, “I find it absurd that our elected officials who authored this P.L. 15-94 have now changed their position when they were the same officials who introduced this law. This about-face is ridiculous.” House Bill 15-246, which became P.L. 15-94, reduced the electric fuel rate of Commonwealth Utilities Corp. customers from 25.3 to 17.6 cents per kilowatt hour.
Gregorio Cruz Jr. of the Taotao Tano group, in a letter, said he also disagrees with Palacios’ support for the repeal of P.L. 15-94. Cruz said Palacios “opted to repeal his own law due to claims of operational shortfalls incurred by Commonwealth Utilities Corp.” According to Cruz, “this law was an electioneering agenda on behalf of the minority who [wanted to] regain their House seats in the November midterm elections.”
OCT. 5th 07.. Story here
Taotao Tano, which lobbied the Legislature to pass the bill, rejoiced at the Senate action. Gregorio Cruz, president of the local citizen group, said he was overjoyed. “It's about time the Legislature did something and delivered their promise to the people. It's probably just because of the coming election, but I hope it is not the case,” he said.
Now here is some really dumb assed
way to operate a (what shall I call it?) a government, a power plant, a business, whatever you want to call it, it is a sorry way to operate.
Now Cruz will tell you the vote seekers did this only to get reelected, as you can see in the clippings above. But does he mention he was running for a House Seat too? Nooo! He don't mention that, so what was his point to run the CUC into the ground, and cause all of today's problems? There was no reason for it but his own personal gain too, exactly like everyone else's reasons for being dumb shits.
Here's are the results of this brain trust....
COMMONWEALTH Utilities Corp. Executive Director Anthony C. Guerrero yesterday said the island may be without power on Friday if CUC can’t buy enough fuel.Two weeks (actually 6 days ago,) CUC purchased 11,000 barrels of fuel for $1.5 million, but this was short of $2 million to secure the remaining 14,000 barrels to supply its power plants with fuel until May. According to Guerrero, “We have basically six days supply [of fuel] left.”“Again, we don’t have the resources to make huge, bulk transfers [of fuel] and make huge outlays of cash,” he added.The entire island may have to endure a blackout on Friday. “If we don’t have fuel, that’s the worst case scenario,” Guerrero said.
In conclusion, and this is a tiring subject, all this reduced rate thing was for personal gains by everyone involved. So thanks to all you dumb fu*ks, we are lovin' the black-outs. Waiting for more too.

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