Saturday, April 26, 2008


See the poll results below....
The House has rejected for the fourth time a gaming bill sponsored by Oscar Babauta.
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The House of Representatives has killed the fourth and latest Saipan gaming bill. With 16 no votes and two yes votes, the lower chamber rejected the proposal to allow casino gaming at the former La Fiesta shopping mall. Rep. Oscar M. Babauta and Rep. Stanley T. Torres voted in favor of the proposal. Representatives Justo Quitugua and Raymond Palacios were present, but did not vote. The measure, titled the “Video Gaming and Entertainment Card Games Act of 2008,” was the fourth La Fiesta gaming bill to get the ax since last election, when voters junked the casino initiative for Saipan.
Here are the results of a poll I had running a few weeks:
Do you approve of the new House Bill to allow gaming?
Total Votes: 56
Yes, pass it.................. 21.4%..0r....12 votes
No, throw it out.......... 19.6%..or....11 votes
Off with their heads!.. 58.9%..or.. 33 votes
So 44 out of 56 voters rejected this bill, most wanted to off their heads! Maybe this will be the last we will hear about this for awhile. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

And Bridge Capital will say it has nothing to do with them. Again.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love Oscar's quotes!

"..So I have come up with this brilliant idea to provide for limited gaming..."


"...we didn't even use the word Casino.."

SteeleOnSaipan said...

The two who sat idle, got paid but didn't vote are just as shameful as the two with the big back pockets that voted yea.

Marianas Pride said...

Don't hold your breath. We haven't seen the last of stupid initiatives like this one. I predict another one will pop up in a month or so. And I will be there to slam it and slam them. Can't wait til 2009 to see if they get re-elected. If they do, then we have no hope for the future. I hope our people wake up and realize who is OBN and who is not. I dare any politico to sponsor another gaming bill. There will be a flood of letters opposing him and he can start looking for a new career in 2009. Maybe he can go to Tinian and be a consultant and steal $800,000??? Sound familiar anyone?

berto said...

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