Friday, April 25, 2008


CUC to set the rates until PUC is born.. Story Here.
Bill Gives PUC A Year To Set Rates:
Rep. Heinz Hofschneider introduced yesterday a compromise bill to address the cash flow problem being experienced by the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. The new bill proposes to suspend for one year the rolled back rates set forth in Public Law 15-94. In other words, the Public Utilities Commission will have one year to organize and establish utility rates.
Meantime, CUC will be able to set its own rates. During a session of the House yesterday, Hofschneider lashed at lawmakers who, he said, do not seem to understand the urgency and gravity of CUC's financial troubles. “By Friday (today), CUC will have no penny in its account. Is that what we are waiting for? For CUC to go on complete bankruptcy?” he asked
The 15th Legislature passed P.L. 15-94 amid pressure from the consumers who were suffering from a sudden hike in power rates.
Let me explain something here about the last line:
It was greedy vote grubbing re-election wannabes and the 'can't do math' TTT that caused this problem. When did you ever see these idiots doing what the consumers wanted? It's like the Casino. Didn't the people say No,No,No, at least 3 times and did they listen? Hell No! What makes them think we believe they had the voters in their concern when they, the 'can't do the math either' re-runs for re-election lowered the rates to a rate that would break CUC and put us in this predicament we are in today! No siree buddy, I don't believe that shit for a friggin' minute. It was all about them getting re-elected and they know it and to say anything else would be bullshit! Legislators, I am getting so tired of your stupid spin, the least you could do is stop acting like you think we will believe your crap! Cause we get it!
Now for the rest of the story....
If this isn't some of the dumbest shit I have ever seen:
First: Are the three people already seated gonna start training now or later when the rest are added? Or will we do the training in increments as each new member is added? It took how long to just get these three seated, a year? Explain how that will work, please.
Now after all this time you decide to let CUC set their rates, well DUH, a half year after the rates were reduced to 'CUC will go broke rates', and hours and hours of blackouts you figured out that CUC should set the rates. I can't begin to believe just how friggin' dumb you are!
In conclusion...
You are gonna actually take 1 year to train 5 or 6 people to set the rates for CUC. Of all the people here in the CNMI there isn't anyone who can figure this out? Well you know I could tell you how to do this, or either I could do it for you. It's simple math.. I've said it over and over, all that is needed is RATES = COSTS, nothing else needs to be known.
IT'S SIMPLE FRIGGIN' MATH, COME ON! But Noooo. You got to make it look like this is some big deal and that little people can't and shouldn't be able to figure this out. They must have a reason for paying you, why if it weren't for all these big important things that we little people don't know anything about, we wouldn't need you at all, now would we? Ah Ha! there it goes again, it all comes back around, its all about you again.
I can't wait to see how the hell you will mess this up..... And you will!


Anonymous said...


The only issue i have is that laced into this bill is a provision to give the governor unlimited reprograming of funds. I dont know all the details.

What is your take? Would you grant him that power in order to achieve a suspension of the rate limit on CUC?

I just don't know.

Anonymous said...

In parts of China, officials responsible for the country's power mess would be tied up, taking out to the streets, and shot (execution style). And then, the government would bill the family for the bullet used.

glend558 said...

Anon-1, I think you are refering to HB 16-90. This allows the governor to reprogram funds. I'm going to do a post on it next but not for that purpose. It will be about the security deposits at CUC. See MC2
I'm not sure which bill allows CUC to set their own rates, keep watching..

Anon-2 We could use a little of that here, no not really but there must be clearer heads here.

lil_hammerhead said...

What are non-general fund funds?

glend558 said...

Lil, Maybe Non-General Funds are like Non-Essential Employees.
I really don't know.