Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Do I really need to say I told you so?.. My Story Here
Rota council to bring casino revenue issue to court: News story here
THE Rota Municipal Council will challenge in court the island’s legislative delegation’s position on the appropriation of funds generated from the casino industry, which has yet to be established.
It sure didn't take 'um long to start fighting over money before there is even any. Well I'll bet (no pun intended) the lawyers can suck up a couple million dollars real quick sending the casino into debt immediately, so are the people who voted for the casino going to pay the lawyers and be responsibly for the costs? Remember this was a get rich quick scheme, not a go in the hole first before getting rich. Who will pay these bills? I surely hope they don't expect to ask the legislature to appropriate non-existing government funds for this fight, but they are sure to do so.
I guess we'll just have to sit back and watch this unfold and thank the smarter people of Saipan who voted not to get is a similar mess! Now all we need to do is keep the our pig-headed legislature here from screwing up too.


lil_hammerhead said...

They handle the casino game all wrong. If gaming's what they want, they should open the game up to anyone and everyone wanting to open a casino.. who will take advantage of that? Criminal enterprise, gangs, etc. Let them build. Just like Vegas. Let them build and then after everything's rolling.. lay down strict guidelines for owners, casino bosses, etc., call the feds in to clean house and you've got an above-board gaming industry.. sort of.

Messing around with gaming commissions and their individual members political and economic aspirations and ineptitude, will result in exactly what's happened on Tinian.. nuthin' (maybe that's a good thing?)

Anonymous said...

The fight started because one senator wanted his dad or sibling on the commission and a congressman wanted his brother on the commission and the mayor refused to make the appointments.