Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here is the headline... Story Here...
'CUC Privatization in Back Burner'
Do you want to see something silly and very stupid? Well check this out.
The plan to privatize the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.'s power operations has been put on the sideline as the administration and CUC focus on repairing the power engines in the power plants.
Is he really saying they are so narrow minded that they can only focus on one problem at a time? Well expect a long wait because there are a lot of problems, big problems and if they can only handle one at a time we're in trouble, big trouble!
Acting Gov. Timothy Villagomez told Saipan Tribune that there is a company that is coming in to address the engine repairs at the power plants.
I was under the impression that there were companies here right now as we speak but are you saying that isn't so? Man what a rip. I was also under the impression that $10 million dollars were being spent on these repairs, isn't that so? What is really happening?
Buddy let me tell you something you need to be addressing every problem now, right now! This is an unacceptable answer at this time. There needs to be progress going on in every aspect of CUC and right now!
“So this is ongoing. That was more of a priority to me, I told the governor. Then down the line, once everything is in place, once we get the efficiency of the engines back, then maybe we can look privatization [again],” Villagomez said.To his understanding, privatization has always been an option for the Fitial administration and CUC.
You really should ask me for help as you are in deep shit. You will never solve any problems using your 'one at a time' method. You gotta get real and seriously seek help.
He said there is no request for privatization since the last one has been cancelled.“The only one that is out is for alternative energy. But privatization is always an option,” Villagomez said. He said right now they are more concerned with what's going on at the power plants. “I opted to work on the situation at the power plants,” he stressed.
Now let me remind you that this very person was included in the list of people who were responsible for its demise in the first place.
An Office of Public Auditor's report issued in July 2007 on the CUC privatization bid ruled that CUC failed to conduct the procurement process fairly and transparently, and discouraged competition by charging exorbitant fees.OPA cited, among other things, that one cannot view the actual request for proposals unless he or she has paid a total of $76,000, submitted financial and other information, and been deemed to be prequalified by CUC.OPA said the fees are unreasonable, and counter the concept of full and open competition.
Now isn't this a sack of shit? How the hell will they get anything done with that piece of crap. Who will bid on that work. To get real for a moment there must be an outside party to manage this bidding, this government is inept, incapable and can't handle even putting a respectable piece of work together. If you need help ask me!


Jonas said...

You know... I'd be interested to know what each and every senator and congressman actually does with their time... Like what do they actually DO!?! The governor, the cabinet members, and all their staff actually run the government... but what do the legislators actually DO?

It would be interesting if someone can do a feasibility study of sorts... on the legislature... and what they actually contribute to the CNMI... with an Return on Investment analysis at the end!!

glend558 said...

It would be scary to know. But interesting at the same time...

lil_hammerhead said...

It's a huge sack of shit, perpetrated by a Corporation needing to lay their hands on some bucks, rather than a corporation truly wanting to privatize the system. They say.. these fees are necessary to weed out the small and less capable bidders. There are many other ways the process can be monitored and an adequate bid selected. The exhorbitant fees coming from an incompetent organization would smack of "scam" to many companies.

berto said...

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