Wednesday, April 30, 2008


"We are broke now, we will continue to be broke, there is no end in sight and we will stay broke".
The state of the
Commonwealth speech is nearing. Now I'm wondering just what the 'Better Times' governor will have to say. Have you any idea, I'd like to hear it. This is one speech that I wouldn't to have to give. But of course I'd never be in a pile of shit so deep.
Some question if a better job could have been done by others, considering the mess he inherited. Well I'll say this, he was the Speaker of the House and many times a Representative and is a part of the problems from their start. Anyone could have done better this this, I could have done better then he's doing, And I even bet you could do it to. You see there isn't much you would have to do to do better than this weak excuse of a 'Leader'. This guy is way past his time. He should have been the gov. in the 90's, today his thought process is outdated. Some call it senile.
Back to the 'speech'.
It will be held: Friday, May 2, at the Multipurpose Center beginning at 9am.

Well the first thing we can be sure of he is not gonna say is everything is "Pretty Darn Good".
Next, I'll imagine he will whine about everything that is happening here. His whole approach has always been. It's kinda like Murphys Law: "If something can go wrong, it will".... But rather, Bens Law: something will go wrong, no matter what."
He has a very negative outlook on things so don't expect too much.....
Tell me what you think he will say!


Marianas Pride said...

I won't be attending the circus we call a State of the Commonwealth. I already know what he will say though. The jist of his speech will talk about all his challenges and then he will try to justify why he is not to blame for all of our problems. Does this sound about right?

glend558 said...

Some finger pointing? I can buy that. I'm not attending either but I am sending Brad to cheer for him.

berto said...

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