Sunday, April 13, 2008


Governor: Exploring ‘Options’ to Fight Federalization:
THE Fitial administration says it will explore “other options” to prevent the looming federalization of CNMI immigration law, but admits that bringing the issue to court will be its last option because of the local government’s limited resources.
Give it up Ben. Don't you know when your ass is beaten? Get a grip and let it go!
“We have to wait and see,” Reyes told Variety in a phone interview yesterday. “Litigation is not the preferred route — the governor is against litigation; we have to be very careful about our options.”
It is only the terrible economy, that you so dearly want to save that is keeping you from doing something stupid. So stop spending money on Lynn Knight, fire your lobbyists and cut all trips to Washington. Have you forgotten we do have a representative there who was voted to do that job by a much larger percentage of voters then voted for you? Maybe you should get some input from the voters before you keep ramming your silly head against a brick wall.
He said Lynn Knight, Saipan Tribune publisher and president of the Hotel Association of the Northern Marianas, is still in Washington, D.C. to personally monitor the situation.
Whats she gonna do there now? Monitor what? Get the vote recounted? Wasn't the margin wide enough to convince you that it's over? The U.S. Senate passed the bill by a 91-4 vote on Thursday.
Fitial and his special legal counsel, Howard P. Willens, have yet to decide whether they will follow her to the nation’s capital.
Well I can help you decide. Enough already! Stop! Finished!
Fitial expressed disappointment with the U.S. Senate’s decision and warned that “this new federal immigration policy would have a very severe adverse impact on our economy and community.”
It may have an impact on your economy, ours can't get much worse. Maybe you are to pig-headed to notice.
He added, “The move to federalize our immigration is not based on current facts and does not take the CNMI’s vulnerable economic situation into account. I wish the U.S. Congress would fully consider the GAO reports before committing to such a major policy change for our islands.”
Bingaman, D-N.M, said the bill is a culmination of 11 years of work to finally apply U.S. immigration law to the Northern Marianas.
Ben, They spent 11 years screwing with you and your cronies. Why don't you just STOP IT?


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

If this goes through, we're having an election in November.

glend558 said...

If what goes through? The bill is already a done deal. Are you talking about electing a delegate?
I suggest we keep the person we already have there to stay there!
We surely don't want a cronie of Fitial to go there and try to sabotage the post.

lil_hammerhead said...

HANMI and TAN HOLDINGS should fully fund the "lawsuit" if they want to. Leave the rest of us and public funds OUT OF IT.

KAP said...

As a nice side effect, I believe the feds will fund the delegate. More minutes for the local phones.