Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This brings me back to the same issue that I keep bringing up, over and over again.
While the voters, myself included and you too, all want changes and all try to vote for the candidates we think will best serve the community and who are attuned to the problems of the people, there remains this one stumbling block.
Therefore if the selections are the same old tired out re-runs what can the voters do? If there are always the same people on the ballot nothing will change.
This electing of qualified people will have to start with who is placed on the ballot, who decides this? The voters cannot change anything if the choices always remain the same. We need get involved in the picking of the candidates that are put on the ballot, only then will the faces in the government change.
Here is another request asking voters to be vigilant and make good choices. This is all well and good and needs to be said... See it here.... Story Here....
“We Have No Choice But To Vote Responsibly"

Is there anything that we can do to turn our economy around? Yes! And it's within our means. Yes! It is within each of us. It is very clear that changes are needed everywhere. We can bring to change our conditions by voting responsibly. It's simple. We must vote for people who have a proven track record. We must vote for someone who is not afraid of not being re-elected. We must vote for people who are honest, can be counted and puts the community's interest ahead of individuals including himself or herself. Let's face facts. Election is very near. We have no choice but to vote responsibly. We simply do not have any options anymore. Plus, voting responsibly will assure a successful turn around. There are plenty of examples around on how damaging it is to elect candidates that do not qualify or who see the office as an employment.Voting responsibly is within us. It is within our means. We cannot afford not to do it.
What is said above is true and precise and to the point, but there remains this one huge fact.
We cannot make changes if the choices remain the same!
In conclusion...
Again. We cannot vote for the right choices if they aren't on the ballot! And most importantly the ballot must offer acceptable choices!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct Glenn. But look at it another way. We have an island of about 60,000 people and $160 mill budget. Of the 60,000 there are about 15,000 eleigible voters. Chop off the 18-24's and the 65's and over, the available pool is just, maybe 8-10,000. Now we have elections every 2 years and far too may elected officials. Many of the smart (enough) ones are either successfully running businesses, in cushy local government jobs or have left for the mainland for the bucks. What's left is a 50/50 shot, at best, of getting good quality, clear thinking, fair and reasonable politicians. there are a few over the years but never enough to control the good ol' boys.

glend558 said...

We still should not settle for anything less then competent officials. The 50/50 theory is not acceptable.