Wednesday, April 9, 2008


How long do you think Mobil will bring a fuel barge here to sell a measly 11,000 barrels of fuel? No company will want to do business in that manner. Here is how this broke ass government handled the last shipment...
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CUC fuel to last only until next week
The Commonwealth Utilities Corp.'s
fuel supply for Power Plant 1 in Lower Base will last only until the end of next week as CUC was short of $2 million to pay Mobil, its fuel supplier. CUC executive director Anthony Guerrero told Saipan Tribune yesterday that they are continuously talking with the Fitial administration regarding assistance. “To the credit of the administration, they are also trying to give whatever assistance they can,” Guerrero said. The Mobil tanker carrying 25,000 barrels of fuel worth $3.5 million for one-month supply to Power Plant 1 arrived on Saipan last Thursday. Guerrero said CUC did not have $3.5 million and managed to pay Mobil only $1.5 million, which represents 11,000 barrels.

We are in one sorry state of affairs. How often do you think the barge will come here? Will it come back in 12 days? What will CUC do if it don't? I'm sure Mobile, or anyone else for that matter, won't dribble a few thousand barrels every time we squeal. A disaster in eminent, there is no doubt about it. We are screwed.
So in 12 days what happen to CUC, will it shut down completely? Will Mobil come back? Were in a helluva bind here. I'm waiting to see how far this government will twist and wiggle until admitting they are completely incapable of operating. This should come very soon, rather then later. I'm also wondering what is Mobiles reaction to this dribble purchases? My bet is they won't even want to come here anymore, then what?
Are there other fuel companies banging on the door wanting to sell fuel to this little broke ass island? So what will they do? The time of reckoning has arrived, they wanted to dance, so now it's time to pay the band.
This brings to mind the question, where is the money we all are paying for fuel adjustments going? I keep paying mine, so where does it go? Is it possible that since they had less than half needed to purchase fuel, is it that half of the consumers aren't paying? All I seem to be doing here is asking questions. Are there any answers?
Wanna bet we will be required to pay in advance before they come again? Wouldn't surprise me! Rates must equal Costs!
Get ready for the long haul of powerless days and hot nights....
(Is fuel now $140.00 per barrel?)


Marianas Pride said...

maybe if CUC collected the $600,000 owed to them by Tinian Dynasty and all the other money owed to them by "protected" consumers they would be able to pay for fuel for the next few months. There is an "untouchable" list that is rumored to exist. I don't think it's a rumor anymore.

Glen, buy a shit load of candles. This is only the beginning.

By the way, Seattle is gorgeous. No power outages. Shopping is fantastic. Dining out is amazing. But I still miss home, and so do my kids. As shitty as Saipan is right now, it is still home...

And home is where the heart is.

bigsoxfan said...

Power goes out here in UB occasionally, but more often due to crappy ass Russian equipment, than to lack of fuel. Of course we burn coal laden with some amount of naturally occoruing Uranium mixed. A bad air day here, is nothing like you have. count your blessings and light a candle for us.