Thursday, April 24, 2008


How many times have you read a news article or a letter to the editor, and you began looking for the link at the bottom of the 'post' to say your piece or to reply with a comment, and nothing is there? I've been guilty of doing this then I realize I'm not reading a blog post. This feature is a great way to add to or comment on what you have just read while the thought is fresh in your mind. But then you have to let it go because there is no such link.
This would work especially well to have a link under 'Letters to the Editor' in the case of the Saipan Tribune or under Editorials/Columns/Letters/ of the Marianas Variety. If you have ever read the Guam PDN you will have seen that paper has this added feature. I think this would be a great addition for both papers to add this fast and effective way to respond and/or comment.
I have brought this to the attention of both the papers and got only a weak type of excuse about how they can't do it. Now to me that is never the right answer, saying it can't be done isn't an answer on any page of my book. I wonder if enough people thought it would be a good idea if they would reconsider the adding of a link under Articles and 'Letters to the Editor'.
If you can comment at the moment you read the article or letter the thought is still there, if you want to respond and have to send a letter to the paper and wait a couple days for it to be printed the whole effect of the response is lost. Do you follow me?
Let me and the papers know what you think of this 'instant response' to news articles and 'letters to the editor/etal'.


Marianas Pride said...

I support it Glen. I laughed when I read your post because I do the same thing, looking for the button where I can add comments. Hopefully the papers will take your advice. It certainly would boost their online presence and add hits!

KAP said...

PDN does it, it's really entertaining. 'Course you have to buy the story after a week if you want to check back.

bigsoxfan said...

I've seen that feature in some of the stateside papers, besides the PDN. The comments are fairly hilarious or hysterical, depending on your point of view. I get the same feeling of wanting to comment. Of course, usaully when the option is not offered. Just as well, as my usual comment would be WTF or how friggin stupid can someone be, or is this really worth writing about?? I get the feeling most newspaper editors have a B.S. in BS.. Rant on, Glen..