Monday, April 28, 2008


The governors State of the Commonwealth message and the Washington Office report.
As a reminder, the State of the Commonwealth Address and the State of the Washington Office Report are scheduled for this Friday, May 2, at the Multipurpose Center beginning at 9am.
Also, the first
quarterly State of the Legislature public forum has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 7 in the Multipurpose Center Annex Room, starting at 6pm. I will be providing a report on the activities of the 16th Legislature this first quarter, including status tables of legislation introduced thus far and voting and attendance records of legislators in both chambers. This public forum will also be an opportunity for members of the community to air their concerns on the pressing issues of the day (including CUC, the economy, and the need for reducing the size and cost of government), to comment on potential solutions that are being considered within the Legislature, and to offer their own ideas.
The forum will also be an opportunity for citizens to sign up to participate in the circulation of two popular initiatives:
1) to apply the Open Government Act to the Legislature
(resuming the initiative drive that began last year);
2) to downsize the Legislature.
Thank you and have a good week,
Tina Sablan
So if you want
to see and know what is going on here's a place to get some information. Please participate in the forum to express your opinions.


Marianas Pride said...

I'll be there with popcorn and a soda. Since we have no movie theater, I might as well watch the State of the Commonwealth address.

Hey Gov, let's jack up those movie prices! You are brilliant!

glend558 said...

I think it's gonna be a sad movie.
Something about: We opened the piggy bank to see what was there, and much to our suprise the little piggy bank was bare.

Anonymous said...

Why would I waste my time to listen to Fitial give a bunch of crap speech, Pete A. make more promises he cannot (or will not) keep and watch a bunch of worthless, useless legislators dress up in coat and tie?

No good reason for me to waste my time.

berto said...

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