Friday, April 25, 2008


Another goofy knee-jerk quick fix that still won't solve anything.
What are they thinking?
Here's what may come next....
This is to announce that the House will resume its session today, April 25 @ 2pm in the House Chamber. A final agenda is not available yet, but we are likely to take up HB 16-90, which proposes to provide the governor and other expenditure authorities with unlimited reprogramming powers for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2008; to suspend earmarking of certain non-General Fund revenue; to authorize CUC to use a portion of customer security deposits to pay for fuel; to lower the government employer contribution rate from 18% to 11% and use 50% of the savings for a fuel subsidy for CUC; and to raise fees for certain government services by 100%.
So will you lose your security deposits? Could be, although they are required to still pay them back in 30 days if you discontinue the services. But everyone will lose everything if CUC goes broke and it's headed that way, They are scraping everything from the bottom of the barrel now, but the fuel tanker will still keep on coming. At some point there will simply be no more, and that time is sooner than you think. Maybe next week?
Lets face it, this shifting and dancing of funds won't accomplish anything, there must be a rate set so that Rates=Costs.
This is kinda like using your master card to pay your visa bill, robbing Peter to pay Paul, taking from one pocket to fill the other, some day it will all come crashing down! That day is just around the corner.
Let me say this, this has NOT been passed yet but it is the kind of knee-jerk bill that get slammed through the house, so why would this be any different?
As for the bill to allow CUC to set its own rates, as I mentioned in MC1, I'm not sure what number that bill is or when it will be addressed. Bottom line is this...Rates must equal costs, RATES=COSTS
PS.. On another line. How will changing not paying an 18% contribution to the retirement fund to not paying an 11% rate make any difference? They are not paying anything at all now, so what will be saved? It's that non-existing money being passed around again!

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