Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well now the finger pointing do-nothing legislature has a scapegoat. Can you see how this will work? It's designed to take the responsibility off the shoulders of the lawmakers and place it on the backs of a few unwitting, unsavvy 'goats'. Now the blame can be shifted to them when the CUC bills skyrocket and people get really pissed-off. Legislators can now say "it wasn't us, we want to be re-elected next term, it's their fault". What a slime bucket way to dodge responsibilities!
Now you must note what they are asking this poor commission to do... Story here
With three members-Viola Alepuyo, Kyle Calabrese, and Kimberlyn King-Hinds-the regulatory body now has a quorum and can begin conducting business. (picture)
The commissioners' first task is to establish rates for CUC. Press secretary Charles P. Reyes said the administration is hopeful that the commission will act quickly to set rates that will ensure full-cost recovery for the Commonwealth's utility. “We expect the commissioners to set rates objectively, impartially, without regard to partisan concerns-rates that are fair to both the consumers and the utility,” Reyes said.
Do you understand just what you are reading here? Note the highlighted part that says, now I'll reprint it again, to allow it to sink in... "to set rates that will ensure full-cost recovery for the Commonwealth's utility"... Anything less then "full recovery" would then seen as the PUComission not doing their jobs correctly. This will be a load to carry, not a pleasant thought.
For this to happen the rates MUST EXCEED the highest rate ever set before, more then the .25 cent rate established under the governors emergency declaration. Yes, to accomplish "full cost recovery" I predict the rates will near .30 cents. But that's not a real prediction, I've cheated a bit, you see it's only math. So far CUC hasn't been able to recover it's costs so therefore none of the rates have ever been high enough. Rates must equal costs! This will be a killer, just wait and watch. I do know one thing and that is I wouldn't want to be the ones to set these rates, just like the duty dodging lawmakers, they don't want to even be seen there either, nope, not us, we didn't do it, it was them, it's their fault... Get the picture?
The plan in conclusion:
1- Get at least 3 people, doesn't matter who..
2- To hell with qualifications, slap 'um on the ass, send 'um in..
3- Tell 'um they have to double the rates.. (.35 cents) To achieve 'full cost recovery'.
4- Let 'um take the heat for it..
The solution is cutting costs, not setting rates!
Rates must equal costs! It's simple math. a=b
This is why these unsuspecting, smiling commissioners are in for a big surprise, smiles will be fading, they will be despised, blamed and finally hated. The worst job ever!!!!
I'll leave the light on for you.... Well maybe....


Marianas Pride said...

Sometimes it is not only about experience. It is also about character.

I can vouch for two people I know very well. Viola and Kim may not be experts in the field public utilities, but they are both brilliant and honest and will make intelligent decisions.

I remember many critics who said Tina was too young and inexperienced to be a Congresswoman. Her critics are now eating their words. Now they criticize her for being too honest.

Let's give them a chance and see what they can do.

glend558 said...

Ed, You could have Albert Einstein, Wernher von Braun, and Donald Trump, on this commission, but the fact remains the rates need to nearly double to achieve 'full cost recovery'. A simple fact. Now this commission will have to take the heat for it, no matter how qualified they are, they will be the fall guys for the 'pass the buck' legislators. This has nothing to do with the selections, themselves, personally, nor their abilities, charactrer, experience or honesty... Anyone could be 'used'.
I'm only suggesting they might not know that they are the lambs (goats) being lead to the slaughter.

lil_hammerhead said...

CUC is the single biggest detriment to the economy right now. It would be much more to their benefit, for HANMI and those who spend so much time, effort, and MONEY, fighting minimum wage increases, to redirect their efforts to the power problem. Utilize whatever technical knowledge they might have to help the government deal with the problem, spend their time, effort and dollars to lobby the feds for assistance (assistance beyond just asking for money for fuel by the way).

You are right about cost recovery requiring a charge of around 30cents per KWH.

This rate will continue to drive people out of business and harm households. We can barely run the stove once every two weeks as it is. We don't iron anything. We sweat all afternoon because we can't run aircons. Prices for goods as a result are skyrocketing.


Marianas Pride said...

Seattle rocks. What a booming place. It has a few drawbacks, but what place doesn't? It is cold, but wow, I honestly prefer it over sweating like a dog.

By the way, a power outage here would probably make headline news because it is so rare.

A booming economy, and everyone making well above minimum wage. Oh well, go figure.

If this is the best our leaders can do, I would love to see the worst they can do! Could it get any worse?

glend558 said...

I guess their plan is to crash and burn, then wait pathetically for help. There seems to be nothing else in the works..except a plan to blame 'others'..
They might be secertally wishing for a typhoon or something similiar, which would completely 'total' CUC.

glend558 said...

Lil, The more you and I and other bloggers keep on stating what we think the more we will be heard. I have been amazed as to the people who read our posts. Stand firm and tell it like it is and we will make a difference! All the rest of you who want to be heard, keep on 'commenting'. This is the new way to change things... to be heard!

lil_hammerhead said...

Glen! You're on to a great idea. The government should quit wasting their time focusing on problems they will just never solve, like CUC, CHC, PSS, etc..

All efforts should be refocused on generating some natural disaster, so that we can reap the rewards of FEMA and other federal emergency funding.

If everyone in the NMI can be coordinated to jump up and down at exactly the same time, we may be able to cause a plate shift and a large earthquake.. for example.

glend558 said...

Lil, you are to funny, LOL , Let's all take a right and then a left, right, left, right, left....
1.1 never mind...