Monday, April 7, 2008


After voters rejected casino gambling in the most recent election and twice it was shot down in the Senate, the House is again trying to slide a gaming bill in the backdoor again. What are they thinking?
Here's more, From Rep Tina Sablan
On the sessions last week, and the austerity bill (click here to read the whole message.)
Good afternoon,
The House agenda
changed again on the floor during the sessions this week. The following items were added:
HB 16-82: To amend 6CMC, Article 2, to authorize the operation of Video Lottery Tenninal (VLT's) devices, video poker and other video slot and similar machines; to authorize the operation of Texas Hold'em and other limited card games, within the third senatorial district; to amend 4CMC, Chapter 5, to impose a new gaming tax; to require the payment of new license fees for the new entertainment activities; to provide for the licensing of poker machines on a calendar year basis; to require the installation of central computerized monitoring system for all video amusement and similar machines; and for other purposes. (Rep. Oscar Babauta). RULES WERE SUSPENDED TO PLACE ON THE BILL CALENDAR
This is her statement n the issue:
On the gambling bill, HB 16-82
I voted no
on the motion to place this bill on calendar without referring it to committee. The people of Saipan just rejected an initiative to legalize casino gambling, and two attempts followed, and failed, to legalize gambling through statute in the 15th legislature. And now the 16th House has just placed the bill on calendar (meaning we will act on it) without referring it to the proper committee for review and public hearing. I felt that that action was extremely disrespectful to our constituents.
Of course, at least one member noted that he was in favor of placing the bill on calendar because, the sooner we placed it, "the sooner we can kill it." So that is another way to look at it, I suppose.

This new House is following the same low road the last legislature took. (Oh, thats right, the same good ole boys were re-elected, nothing changed.) I don't know if they will ever listen to the voting public and will continue to run amok satisfying their own agendas. What is up with these people. Thank god we have at least one new member taking the will of the people and sticking to the voters wishes. Can a large majority of the house be impeached? We should find out and get rid of all the self serving numbnuts. Same shit, different day!
Bring out the gavel!


Marianas Pride said...

Gambling is not the answer to our problems. Cleaning HOUSE is the answer.

I remember when poker was promised to bring a fortune to the CNMI, and that tourists would come just to play the slots. And our leaders PROMISED that locals wouldn't play them.

LIES LIES LIES. We gotta get rid of the OBN (Old Boys Network). The OBN is the culprit of all of our problems. Disband them, send them to prison, etc. We need real leaders with real ideas and real brains.

Gambling...give me a frickin break!

lil_hammerhead said...


I'm not against gambling. I am against a gambling bill being railroaded through, after the people just voted "NO" on it. And voted "NO" on it a number of times.

glend558 said...

Ed, Where is the new MP?

Marianas Pride said...

Glen, MP is two weeks delayed because of the damn power outages and the government's failure to pay us for ads. So we had to front the money once again while we wait forever for federally funded ads.

Finance robs Peter to pay Paul. Actually, I'm thinking of suing them. Federal funds must be paid within 30 days. Man, this gov't sux.

glend558 said...

It's all a vicious circle, it seems.