Thursday, April 17, 2008


This is to announce the following:
The House and Senate will be meeting to receive the Governor's annual State of the Commonwealth address, and the Resident Representative's annual State of the Washington Office report on Friday, May 2 in the Multipurpose Center beginning @ 9am.
Finally, the House was in Special Session this week, and so my weekly press conferences have resumed. The next press conference will be tomorrow, Friday, April 18 @ 10am in my office.
Topics of discussion will include a review of the session this week and a bill that proposes to amend the CNMI immigration code to grant longer-term permits for qualified foreign national workers (soon to be prefiled). I will also be announcing the first quarterly public forum on the State of the Legislature, scheduled for Tuesday, April 29 at the Multipurpose Center, starting at 6pm.
Thanks very much!
Tina Sablan
Well I guess the good ole' boys finally got their shit together and came to a momentous decision for the venue where the 'were still broke, and getting broker' message from the governor will be held. After weeks of intense debate and many hurt and injured feelings a mutual agreement was compromised and the guns were withdrawn. It is such a wonderful feeling when 29 grown men/women can all come to a harmonious agreement on one tiny issue, isn't this just a warm and cuddly feeling?
Can you believe it they came to a consensus in less then a month on this huge issue. It gives one such a secure feeling to know all the wonderful people we elected can work together in harmony and rhythm. It makes my heart want to burst in joy and my lips sing a song of happiness.
Enough bullshit, anyway the information was for you, and the satire for them.

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Marianas Pride said...

Sadly, I could care less about the State of the Commonwealth Address. Hmmm, let me guess. Governor Fitial will talk about all his accomplishments. He will blame the problems we have today on the previous administrations. He will say it was further exacerbated by the United States' federalization attempts, world recession, skyrocketing oil rates, global warming, AIDS in Africa, and a partridge in a pear tree. He will then tell everyone that he cannot accomplish everything he would like to in only one term, and that if he is re-elected, things will truly be better, and that he will finally deliver the "better times" he promised.

I hope and pray the power goes off during the State of the Commonwealth address. That would be a true testament to the kind of leadership this administration has to offer.

Two words Governor: Two years. That is all you have left. There is no way in the world you will be re-elected. Not even if you bought every voter ten cases of Bud and twenty cases of Spam. Not even if you delivered 7,492 picnic tables and 3,963 tents. Not even if you restored the power.

Wait, there is a way. If you discovered oil in your backyard and donated it to the CNMI, then maybe, just maybe, you could get re-elected.

In the meantime, be looking out for oil!