Monday, April 7, 2008


DISMISSING the perception that the Senate “washed its hands” when it passed the bill to suspend Public Law 15-94, or the power rate cut law. Story Here...
Someone must be reading my posts.
Pete P. Reyes on Friday said they acted responsibly to allow PUC to carry out its mandate after about a year of its creation. Reyes said, "the Senate only wants PUC to do its job now that it already has a quorum." “This is their obligation,” the senator stated. “This is their responsibility.” Sounds to me like the buck was passed.
Now, he may add, we are so friggin' happy to get this out of our hair and onto the the backs of 'others'. This has always been a pain in our asses so you can see were glad to be rid of it! Yup, ride Sally ride!
Asked if the confirmation of King-Hinds was “rushed” so that lawmakers can avoid deciding on the fuel rates,
Reyes said: “There is no intention to shy away from making a decision on legislation that affects the rate-setting. Where did we miss out on passing the buck?”
HeHeHeHaw!, we call it giving a slap on the ass and yelling
'Yahoooo' as they charge into the arena for that 8 second ride. Hell we don't call it passing the 'buck' we call it slapping the 'bull' on the ass.. You ought'a see 'um go, they fly like hell, then hit the dirt, it's so damn funny to watch.
He also said the original idea of the Senate was to introduce a lesser time period for the suspension.
Now the pat on the back to seal the deal...
“We’re being generous by giving 60 days, instead of 45 days,” he added.
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