Friday, April 4, 2008


All the problems at CUC will now be solved with the waving of magic wands by the new inexperienced, untrained PU Commission. Yup, these people are going to be the saviors, the demigods, the all knowing. They will somehow fix CUC faster then a shot of penicillin will cure the clap.
What are they thinking? For years and years now no one has any doable answers that could be implemented by this inapt government, but now the new board of the PUC will magically have all the answers, all in one fell swoop.
Here's how they got it figured... Story Here...
Senate Favors Suspension, Not Repeal, of Power Rate Cut Law
THE Senate, in a special session yesterday, passed an amended version of the House bill that will repeal the power rate hike law. As amended by the Senate, H.B. 16-79 will now merely suspend for 60 days, and not repeal, P.L. 15-94. According Sen. Paul A. Manglona, Rota: “As a compromise, we temporarily suspended [P.L. 15-94] for 60 days, and after 60 days the [Public Utilities Commission] has to come up with a recommendation as to the rates.”
So this new commission is expected to do in 60 days what everyone else hasn't been able to do, ever! Now just what are the rates this commission is supposed to implement? Will they raise them back up to a break even rate of income equal expenses? Will it keep the rates below costs, therefore staying in the red and sinking CUC even deeper and deeper in a quagmire?
Ah, but someone gets it....
Sen. Maria T. Pangelinan, D-Saipan, said the bill passed by the Senate “will fix nothing.” She stated, “We must acknowledge that this bill is a delaying tactic, nothing more.” She added that the bill does not recognize the “fundamental underlying problems, which have nothing to do with the price of fuel.”
Another knee jerk band-aid quick fix that will accomplish nothing more then to give the duty dodging legislature a place to point fingers when things don't work, and it won't work, hence a scapegoat has been created, nothing more.
The solution is in cutting costs, not setting rates
Nothing has been addressed or fixed at all. Same shit different group.


lil_hammerhead said...

This is simply an attempt to try to keep voters thinking that the legislature cares and that they aren't really letting CUC get away with anything.. that's it. It's all political nonsense.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Understandably the legislature wants the monkey (sorry lil) off their back and are more than happy to let a PUC take the heat for a while.

No question about it, until the underlying faults are corrected, it will be continuing blackouts and continuing shortfalls.

Did any of you attend the lecture a couple of months ago Kumoi gave to SCC? He detailed a relatively simple plan to get back on the right track. It made sense. It fell on deaf ears. Instead of 'get her done' it is more like 'who can we blame this month?'.

Are there still enough Communists around to form a plot?

lil_hammerhead said...

Heavy fuel = easier on the generators and pocketbooks, harder on the environment.