Sunday, April 6, 2008


A SINKING SHIP... Story Here
COMMONWEALTH Utilities Corp. Executive Director Anthony C. Guerrero says they still don’t have enough money to pay the 25,000 barrels of fuel CUC ordered from Mobil.
Guerrero said CUC was only able to pay Mobil $1.5 million, and they were still waiting for the administration to provide the remaining balance of $2 million. “As of Friday, CUC still wasn’t able to gather assistance from the administration,” he stated. “Right now, it doesn’t have the cash.” Guerrero said CUC has already “exhausted every thing for Mobil,” and has not enough funds left for its other obligations. CUC will “sit down with Mobil” and discuss an “arrangement” in light of the agency’s shortfall, Guerrero said.
This is the part that makes me laugh the most, "We will sit down with Mobil and discuss an agreement" This is said every time the ship comes, and has never seemed to do any good. Can't you hear this discussion now, "But Mobil, you know we have a perfect payment record for many years now can't you trust us, just this one time, to make the payment as we will promise?" Pl;ease, Pretty Please? ( what is the symbol for begging and kissing ass?) Ha Ha Ha. What a friggin' joke, negotiate, my ass, gimme a break!
I just went through a 2 hr. black-out so I guess the fuel plan this month is make a 14 day supply last a month. What a sad song!
Thank you legislature for getting on top of this and changing the rates to have Rates = Costs.
Oh I forgot, its now in the hands of scapegoats and you are able to wash your grubby hands of this matter and cast the blame elswhere. Gotcha! How clever, we never thought of this until now, now did we? Be sure to get that generator for the House you are gonna need it!


Marianas Pride said...

Enjoying Seattle Glen. No fricking power outages and it is a busy city! Hmmm, how is this possible though? Everyone here is getting paid well above minimum wage! I thought you had to pay slave labor to have a prosperous society?

lil_hammerhead said...

I hope the reporters are all over this one today. Did they come up with the money to buy the fuel? Or not?

glend558 said...

Ed, Where is the new MP?

lil_hammerhead said...

Wow, you were a day ahead of me on this one Glen. I read your post.. but didn't really read through the end in detail..

Why aren't the reporters camped outside of Tony's office in order to get an answer? They should have been there first thing Monday morning. I'd think having only 2 weeks worth of fuel for a month is pretty significant. Maybe it's just us.