Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Anytime anyone who is considering opening and operating a business there is one important first step to consider. This is what is called 'crunching the numbers'. In layman's terms it is figuring out how the business will operate. Questions need to be ask, like, What will it cost to start up. What will it cost to operate. How much money will come in and how much money will go out.
(Not using this simple formula is the downfall of CUC because to set the rates these numbers have to be addressed, something not yet done, and the reason for the puddle of shit CUC is in today.)
Anyway here is someone addressing that subject..
Story Here
Businessman: Gaming Bill Will Not Benefit NMI:
THE new gambling bill, H.B. 16-82, authored by Rep. Oscar M. Babauta, will benefit only a few individuals and not the CNMI economy, according to businessman Larry Cabrera. The author of the bill should have considered certain aspects of the establishment of the casino gambling.
“First of all, you need to know exactly the direct cost of establishing any business. Cabrera said, “You need money to pay the [members of the commission], and that will be your direct expenses. ”Direct cost will also include the salaries to be paid to the “staff and everything that is associated with the licensing and operating of a particular business,” Cabrera told Variety. He said there will be a need to put in place reliable infrastructure, communication facilities, and utilities such as adequate power, water and waste water services which are all part of the collateral or miscellaneous costs.
“With the casino gambling, you know crime is going to be big,” He said it is not the tourists who will play in the proposed gaming establishment but the local people. “You are going to have divorce. You’re going to have wife abuse, child abuse,” he said. The only people who will benefit from gambling activities are the operators, casino owners and some government officials, he said. “The only winners are the people who own the [poker, slot, video] machines.”
Click on Story Here to read the whole article and for more insight on this subject, along with Mr. Cabrera's experience.
I don't think Oscar B. or anyone else, for that matter, have figured anything out how this will work for the local citizens, who by the way, keep voting against casinos and gaming, but they have only taken into consideration what the officials themselves will get, you know, their pay-offs. The greased palm. The under the table deal, etc. Did you noticed that 'some government officials' was included into the 'only people' who will make money.
The best part of this whole thing is this. The guys who want this pie in the sky dream are not smart enough to organize it, to put it together, they only see the $$ sign's in their eyes and their own pockets. The truth of the matter is outsiders will be needed to pull this off and they are the ones that will be smart enough to decline this issue. So not to worry.


Marianas Pride said...

Glen, it is just the OBN being the OBN. No real planning, just a lot of greed mixed in with corruption. I am sick of it.

It ends in 2009. Anyone who wants to stick with this "biba koruption network" either has a nice cush government job or is part of the OBN.

Change is going to happen in 2009, God willing.

Support the Revolution and CLEAN HOUSE in 2009!

By the way, Governor Fitial is not doing too well on my blog. He is below an F. Most people have said a letter cannot describe just how bad he is. Oh well, let him waste his money on running for re-election. Hopefully people can get a lot of free beer out of it.

Biba koruption!

glend558 said...

He seems not to be doing to good anywhere! I believe he's finished.

Marianas Pride said...

What a perfect time to go to Manila! Biba koruption!