Saturday, April 26, 2008


If you don't participate....Are you needed?
Why is it when
many important issues are brought up for a vote in the legislature, there are always the ones who have no balls and want to appear in the middle of the road? Aren't these people there to make decisions, so why do they sit out or even worse fail to even show up? There should be a rule that unless there is a serious legitimate excuse they must be there and they must vote! Did you elect your representative, send him to do your biding, pay him good money to sit on his sorry ass and not participate in the business at hand?
If these guys want to sit it out and not enter into the process why do we need them? To hell with 'um, don't vote-don't get paid! There needs to be a complete revamping of this dodging their duty and non participation in voting.
Lets take the last post I have here MC3 and look at what went down there.
With 16 no votes and two yes votes, the lower chamber rejected the proposal to allow casino gaming at the former La Fiesta shopping mall. Rep. Oscar M. Babauta and Rep. Stanley T. Torres voted in favor of the proposal. Representatives Justo Quitugua and Raymond Palacios were present, but did not vote. WHY?
So if you voted for the two guys that didn't feel it was important enough to take their time to vote, I'll ask this question, 'Are they really needed'? So why were they even there? Did they find out from their community what the people thought and then go vote the will of the people or was it 'I'll just sit on my ass and let it slide', that's what my people wanted. Yeah Right! So were they there for window dressing, to look to important, to just have a job, what the hell are they for? If they are from your district are you proud of them for standing up for your position? I'll bet they never ask you!
The people who voted you into office deserve better then what they are getting and a change is in the wind. This shit gotta stop.
Now I'm not picking on these two guys only, others do it all the time too, they just happened to be there in the last post. This kind of shit goes on all the time, I say this needs to change!
Watch your elected officials and see if they working for you or if they are there for a free ride!


lil_hammerhead said...

If you're present.. you should have to vote. The only reason to abstain is when you have some conflict of interest. Period.

Not voting, so you can later say you supported or didn't support something is weasly.

Anonymous said...

No envelope=no vote

berto said...

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