Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have ranted enough about the power problem and the handling of CUC. If you don't know my point of view about this issue, read a few of my last posts. I'm only going to throw a few thoughts out there to make your mind work a little.
On the news tonight Director Tony Guerrero said that were covered with enough fuel until Fri. That means they raped the power deposits.
Next Fri. they will need $3.1 million, what will they raid next?
I think they need $6.+ million a month, every month, forever!
This cannot be accomplished with the present situation as it is.
Something big and drastic must happen very soon.
Pick your date of doom in the polls.
Some other thoughts:
The governor and his pal from American Samoa, have seen fit to write to several U.S. Congressmen asking to thwart the May minimum wage increase.
They have now resorted to begging, they learned it as kids standing on a median, holding out a tin cup, now they are into begging big time. More begging will come rest assured. I guess this is the new way to request funding. Just wait and watch...
I'm sure they have a lot of friends in Congress by now, what with all their drooling and grovelling over federalization, they should get their wishes pronto. LOL HAHA!
They had a neat little rider in case you didn't see the news tonight or the letter. Below in small print they requested, 'That if the wage hike moved forward the U.S. is required to pay $30 million dollars'! Now I'm laughing so hard, I need a break. Did you see that shit too? It might be in the papers tomorrow, maybe.
Did you see the Senators backpedaling on the Pew's / marine monument bill saying, "Oh, we need more time to study the proposal". I say Bullshit they did a knee-jerk bill and got a lot of slack from the community and Wow did they ever do an about face, right now. This will confirm how the noise from the 'people' affect the government they will listen when the wheel squeaks!
Be sure to pick the date when you think Saipan will have a 24 hour island wide blackout.....


lil_hammerhead said...

We're going to need the help of the Feds to get out of this power crisis. There is simply no other way that I can see, out of it. If drop-to-your-knees-begging is necessary in this instance.. then it's time to do it.

The "median begging" is really a fairly new thing Glen. It was not uncommon prior to the 90s to see bakesales everywhere, have neighborhood kids going around to mow lawns, recieve visits by kids walking the villages selling raffle tickets, see kids in front of Joeten or Payless selling their homemade cookies, see large groups of kids collecting trucks full of cans for recycling, etc. This is a newer phenomenon.

glend558 said...

I didn't know that, now I do!
It was only a line in a story and not pertinent to the gist of it at all.

Marianas Pride said...

Begging is already acceptable. Take a look at all the panhandling going on at every street corner.

Bottom line? We have not seen the worst of it. The greatest shame is that we have lost any sense of hope. We live on an island that is the end result of serious abuse...abuse of power. I push for progress and change, and sadly, nothing changes. The resolution against the marine monument by the Senate and the House made me realize that incompetence and stupidity govern our islands, and that nothing can change unless we CLEANSE our island from the OBN!

For the leaders who I supported, if they do not start making some noise and doing the right thing, I will be campaigning against them instead of for them. My integrity is not for sale!

Sorry for being so negative, but I am fed up. Look for a letter this Friday in the papers that will REAM our leaders!!!

jonas said...

Quick question... to the average household - what would a cost price mean in terms of monthly CUC bill increase...? i.e. if CUC follows Glenn's line and charge the consumer what it actually costs - what is additional dollar amount on the monthly bill?

Anonymous said...

Lil is right, we are at the stage of needing a Fed bail out. Let's not forget we are not the only "island of fools". Guam had the same power crap going on not that long ago, privatization worked, but of course it's in the good ol' USA with the military as a cosy neighbor.
Medians didn't even exist Glenn, a short wil back...ah the good ol" days when things didn't work but we didn't care :-)

Anonymous said...

I guess with the back peddling, position reversals, begging etc., what else could you expect from "Mulligans Island"?

berto said...

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