Wednesday, April 4, 2007



A few days ago, I reported on a rash of poker establishments being robbed. (see previous post "poker robberies") In that article I stated the thieves will be caught by our efficient DPS, (Department of Public Safety, the "police") but lamented that our justice system is to soft and these thugs will walk all to soon. Now we will have a chance to watch the system do its work. Will these idiots spend time, or walk, we will have to wait and see.......Some excerpts from the news.
Police arrested on Friday 12 persons for allegedly committing various offenses, including four who were tagged as the suspects in an armed robbery in Chalan Kanoa. The four were charged with robbery, aggravated assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, and theft.
5 YEARS MANDATORY JAIL TIME for robbery, and 5 YEARS more for USING A WEAPON!!
Slap this sentence on a couple of these "shit for brains" idiots and the prospects of easy cash might become a little less tempting.
Stand by and lets all see what happens. ...........GED........

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