Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Caption to the picture......Buddhi Lal Dhimal, a Nepalese, lies on the floor after setting himself on fire yesterday morning at the hallway of the Department of Labor office in San Antonio. He is shown here covered by particulates from the fire extinguisher used to put out the fire.Police said Buddhi Lal Dhimal, 49, poured flammable liquid on his body and set himself on fire before a Labor enforcement officer outside the Labor Enforcement Office.
The rest of the story in part........Dhimal was taken to the Commonwealth Health Center. He sustained second and third degree burns on his body. He will be taken to an off-island hospital for further treatment. Ogumoro said the person had a bottle of flammable liquid and a cigarette lighter. Witnesses said Dhimal started shouting and poured the liquid on his body and ignited his lighter.“He [Dhimal] was shouting on his way out. I was right in the middle when he was pushed to the floor as he was engulfed in flames. .We had to pin him down, we tried to cover him but at the same time we requested for the fire extinguisher to be operated. It was just a matter of seconds,” Deleon Guerrero said. Must be desperation, the need to have a job. Just goes to show how some people will do about anything to survive. Now you do have a very nice day!

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