Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Flame Tree Dancers
FLAME TREE FESTIVAL COMING APRIL 27th, 28th and 29th.Flame tree hill
The flame trees are so beautiful its hard to do a piece on them without a lot of pictures. But we also have to talk about the festival. The trees start blooming in the spring and last through most of the summer. For more about the festival ..........The Annual Flame Tree Arts Festival will feature Marianas and Micronesian cultural exhibits. This three-day event includes activities such as arts and crafts shows, where interested buyers can purchase beautifully handcrafted items of the Mariana parade routeIslands. For a sense of Mariana culture, graceful cultural dancers and entertainments will perform at the festival. For those hoping to try something new and delicious, there will be a wide array of food exhibits featuring local Chamorro and Carolinian specialties.
Saipan will be the site of next April's 25th annual Flame Tree Festival and organizers of the event are determined to make this the biggest one ever.The festival will Flame treeinclude several new activities. A canoe village will feature traditional Pacific canoe exhibits, canoe building and rides.There will also be net and spear fishing derbies, traditional games such as coconut tree climbing, a canoe village, cooking demonstrations, school workshops and performances.

You need to see this sometime. A real cool event, hope you can make it there.

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