Monday, April 23, 2007


$ 3.05 x 40 hrs= $122.00 per wk. x 52= $ 6,344.00 per year. Can you live on this?

Lets put this in prospective..
How would you live on this, think about it, do you make that rate? How would like to have the taxes you pay on this meager amount to be spent by our idiot governor(who dosen't have a 30% mandate, I may add.) to keep them that way, to use your money to freeze your wages. $3.o5 ain't shit. A gallon of gas, a 3 pk of Budweiser beer, a pack of cigarettes, two loaves of bread, can't be bought by one hour of hard work, pouring cement, laying concrete blocks, all for $3.05. Stop this ripoff of the working men and women. Our productive ones!
Any body have any other ideas? Have a pay-less payday to see how it feels! .....GED.....

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