Wednesday, April 25, 2007

200- IT'S # 200!

Today marks yet another milestone in the 558. Twenty-six days on "the air" and still going, and going, and..... Well you know what I mean..... Now thanks to everybody for reading this, you're the reason to write. To newcomers.. I'll explain briefly how to work this blog...... There are 30 posts per page, and 7 pages, just scroll down to read the first 30 posts. At the bottom of the 1st page find "Older Posts", click on this and the 2nd page of 30 posts will appear, and so on till you have read them all. You can also click any title on the right hand side, (a column of titles) then you can read each post individually. So there you go, and here we are. A tip, you need to follow everyday or you will get lost. Now have a very,very good day!

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