Monday, April 23, 2007


I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU, I ASK YOU TO SUPPORT TINA SABLAN AND HER QUEST TO MAKE THE CNMI BETTER. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I GOT..... NOT ONE, UNO, ZILCH, NOTHING FROM YOU, no replies, no "comments". No ideas, no signatures of support, nobody seems to care! Are all of you going to stay mute,( they call it dumb, when you can't talk) What the hell is your opinion, speak out and help improve this place! If you can't say what you think, who do you think is gonna speak for you? You can write anything you would like to say, right here , right now, write it to me, I'll print it. Don't be afraid, as some of you are. You will feel sooooo good if you speak out. now remember to have a very nice day! ......GED......

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