Thursday, April 19, 2007


The fantasy that you believe awaits you after blowing your goddamn silly ass off the face of the earth, is not at all as you believe. The 72 virgins you believe will be all yours when your body, now a mangled and evaporated piece of shit, hits the airways to kingdom come, this is what will be waiting for your sorry meager remains. Although they might be virgins (this only makes them meaner) they are in no way going to receive you as the idiotic hero you think you are. Your hereafter will be HELL. What you see here will come down upon you a with more than a sevenfold of vengeance, wreaking havoc upon your disgusting blob of remains. So take due warning! Be sure to add a couple more sticks of dynamite to your sorry ass and do the job right, don't be a wimp give 'er hell, double your load, blow your silly self right in there. And to all a good night..... Now you all that are still here, have a very nice evening! .....GED......

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