Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well it's right here in the CNMI where our elected officials promised emphatically that schools would be priority #1 during their bid to be elected, guess that promise went to hell along with all the rest of them. Sad to see this happening, but a reality never-the-less.
Now I want to get to a point that really peeves me, (I should have said "really pisses me off") it has to do with some comments made in the paper by a teacher, trying to rectify the situation, with some dumb-ass ideas. And I quote the news: NEARLY 300 letters written by students of public schools were hand-delivered to the Legislature yesterday. Bree Reynolds, a science teacher at Hopwood Junior High School, said: She recommends the passage of a new tax measure. Reynolds said there are “alternative ways to find new revenue” which should be considered by the Legislature. "I want them to pass a tax like a sin tax of $1 for cigarettes and $1 for every six-pack of beer sold in the CNMI,”... Now this is what I wanna know, Why is it always sin taxes, on beer, cigarettes, poker et al? Don't you know how often these taxes have been raised already? I say goddamn enough with these taxes. Why don't we put the load elsewhere for a change, say like betel nut, maybe shoes, everyone needs them, let everyone pay for a change. Now here comes the astute mind bending idea that should be considered. Lets charge sin taxes, yes, the sin of uncontrolled births, the sin of no family planning, the sin of having more kids then you can afford, the sin of uncontrolled teenage pregnancies, unwed teenage mothers, babies having babies, let these damn sinners pay for all the kids. Now I'm not against education for the children, by any means, I think its right in line, side by side with parents, shelter, food, and all the other necessities, but don't make the same group of people always carry your load, how about others pay too. Spread out the costs to all, not always the same ones over and over again. You wanna have kids, you pay. I wanna drink beer I'll pay. I won't make you pay for my beer, you don't ask me to pay for your kids..... Damn that felt good!... I would love to hear your comments....Now you have a beautiful day! ......GED......

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The Saipan Blogger said...

I think people push for the sin taxes because they are the easiest to pass.