Monday, April 23, 2007


Check the Horizon,, Looks like an islandWE HAVE A VERY PRESSING ISSUE HERE, LETS THINK ABOUT IT... People have been offering a very interesting idea to us, the CNMI, to get out of our independence on Middle East Oil. The very same oil you pay, out you ass, to produce your power. $80.00 dollars a barrel, insane! You now pay (depending on your status) .24 / to .30+ per KWH. These guys say .03 to .05 per KWH., with a nuke power plant. Now let me show you something... First the cost is reduced by100%. Lets say it is like this. If your bill is $300.00 It would now change to $30.00, with nuke power.
US Power plants Here is a map of all the nuke plants in the US. Did you ever hear of one of them being a problem? I know Three Mile Island scared some people, but that was 30 years ago, things have improved.
Some facts.....A nuclear meltdown does not cause a nuclear explosion because the core geometry and composition of a nuclear reactor does not permit a significant fraction of nuclear fuel to be burned without thermal effects stopping the reaction.... Now if you can understand that you must be a nuclear scientist, which we are not. But you can understand this...The USA is the most advanced country in the world, exceeding North Korea and Iran who are dabbling in this field trying to develop, and produce nuclear power. We are the ones who developed this, we know how it is. I say use the nukes.....Case closed,.. and if you can't comment , never mind. Now you think and be smart!..... ........GED.......

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