Monday, April 2, 2007


Good news. The tsunami warning has been canceled@ 11:00 am today. Well that's one strike gone, now to wait out the typhoon............. I suppose you are wondering, why the doctor in the picture? Well, I didn't have a picture of a tsunami to post that's why. But I do have a story to tell about the good doctor. You see Dr. Schitt, yes, a cousin of the now famous Jack Schitt, who I introduced a few days ago and a few posts back. ( You didn't miss meeting Jack Schitt did you, the hillbilly from Brier Patch West Virginia?) Well getting along with the story about Dr. Schitt, you see, Dr. Schitt is not really a medical doctor as he likes to represent but is actually a tsunami warning expert, and it was he who reported that the tsunami would pose no threat to anyone in the Pacific. So there you got the tsunami report and a story about Dr. Schitt, who's first name is, Diddley. Now you can't tell me you don't know Diddley Schitt either. ( count back 16 posts to meet Jack Schitt)

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