Thursday, April 5, 2007


This huge rock outcrop was the scene of terrible carnage as WWII was drawing to a close on these islands. The island not only had Japanese soldiers and military personnel occupying the island but thousands of Japanese and local civilians also. As U.S. forces moved inland gaining control of the island the civilian population was terrified, they were told by the Japanese military they would be tortured, murdered and even eaten by the terrible American G.I.'s. This created a terrible panic among the Japanese civilian population causing then to stampede to the cliffs and jump off by the hundreds, women tied their babies and small children to their bodies so they were sure to die too. Endless horror stories derived from these now serene and tranquil cliffs. Not to forget the local civilians, they mostly hid, hunkered down in tunnels and caves to be finally rescued by the G.I.'s....Only 60 some years ago, this all took place right here, on this now pristine and stoic rock cliff. The bombs, mortars, bullets and the screams, yes the screams, are now silent, but will never be forgotten. ..........GED.........


The Saipan Blogger said...

Hey GED-

Can I make a suggestion? Since you are posting a lot of information that tourists or others might be interested in, could you start putting ALT tags on your pictures?

Check out the html code of your photos. Inside the code you will see something that looks like ALT="" Put sometype of label, like "Suicide Cliff" or "Rota Latte Stones" between the hash marks.

It will tell the search engines what the picture is.

glend558 said...

Saipan Blogger, Thanks for the tip. I never knew that there was even a thing as ATL tags. Check out the pictures you mentioned now.
including some other Island pics.