Monday, April 9, 2007

$100,000,000.00 IN CASH!

Businessman John Baldwin's offer to pay $100 million in advance tax payments in exchange for local government approval for his business to operate a casino -- exclusively for 40 years -- has generated mixed reactions from lawmakers.............................. THIS IS BEING OFFERED TO THE BROKE GOV. GUAM!
All you on Guam. Wake UP!, Smell the coffee, Get a grip, Think. You are broke, in the toilet, going down the tubes, and a complete financial disaster, when will you ever get focused? $100,000,000.00 (I love all those zeros) to you, not a loan, cash in the coffers, what the hell are you waiting for? Is it total collapse and complete bankruptcy. Your stupidity is only exceeded by your foolish pride. If its not pride then it must be ignorance, I can't think of anything else. Now a big tip to you, the people. HAVE THE MONEY GO DIRECTLY TO WHERE IT IS NEEDED, not to government fat cat's pockets. i.e. the schools, public health, infrastructure, etc. See this is how this should work. Let the legislature appropriate funds where they are needed the most, then have Mr. Baldwin write a check for that exact purpose, simple. Think about it. Let Felix take out a hundred million dollar loan and see how much you will need to pay back, come on take a guess. $150 mil? $200 mil, ask somebody, you will be surprised, not only that but see how much of it will get lost..... Now get moving ahead! .........GED..........

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GM said...

Now that is something that GovGuam needs to act fast if Mr. Baldwin is really serious...I don't know.