Saturday, April 7, 2007


While you are considerating the control of the immigration in the CNMI consider this. More scams are still happening, and the CNMI government is telling you, "We have control." and "We can handle everything, see how good we are at it already." I say bullshit! read on..... WORKERS SCAMED!.......
San Nicolas said based on the information they gathered so far, the companies that are into this scheme have been collecting $400 to $1,000 each from alien workers.
He refused to give further details about the companies so as not to jeopardize their ongoing investigation.
Sponsorship scheme refers to an application for employment for the purpose of maintaining immigration status and not for the purpose of employment.
San Nicolas said Labor discovered that a lot of companies are opening up recently to conduct sponsorships.
The Secretary cited that these companies have no intent to operate a real business other than to collect money from foreign employees so these workers would have a legal basis to stay in the CNMI.
San Nicolas said when they investigate further, they find that there is actually no employment relationship between these companies and their purported employees.
“I cannot stop emphasizing the fact that it is an illegal employment, the sponsorship issue. And we want to discourage that. I can't emphasize enough to the employees that they should not participate in that as well because they are engaging in possibly violating the Nonresident Workers Act,” he pointed out.
“We keep hearing that a lot of companies are closing, a lot of businesses are closing. The reality is that there is not a lot of job in the CNMI,” he said.
San Nicolas said under the statute, employers are not to charge a single penny to any nonresident worker whom they intend to hire or employ.
“There has to be a true employment relationship, not a sponsorship. I don't know where they got that word. It does not exist as far as the Nonresident Workers Act is concerned,” he said.
Need I say more? .........GED.........

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