Friday, April 6, 2007


Big Mouth BitchOH, SHUT-UP!
Have you listened to the ignorance that flows out of the big fat mouth pictured here? This ass-hole is the epitome of stupidity, a real lost cause in the intelligence department. Now that I've said all the nice things about her, I shall now proceed to tell you what I don't like about her..... Do you know this mouth goes as far as saying that it was a secret conspiracy, concocted by our government that brought the World Trade Centers down on 9/11. That it is the fault of the president! She continues on telling us that a fire, stoked by high octane aviation fuel, cannot melt steel beams, then continues ranting that someone had to place dynamite strategically in the towers to make them collapse. Someone PLEASE SHUT HER THE HELL UP! Please no more of this maniac.
If you have an opinion about this air head let me know.

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