Wednesday, February 6, 2008


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Followind is a brief part of a post I wrote on New Years eve to all the bloggers on my link list, These were the top five...
Blogs I view the most: by the number of times I visit, the most enjoyable to read, and are open for discussions.
Posted 12/31/07 Post #890
Judged by frequency of posts, content and viewer comments. (I detest comment moderation.) From my link list, in pecking order:
Lil Hammerhead... Simply the best.
Middle Road... Lots of traffic there.
Bigsoxfan... A different world indeed.
Tamara... Spunky when pushed. A great sense of humor.
Brad/Beachboy... Innovative ideas, good material.
There other good posts and I must give Jeff an honorable mention for his wrtings but the comment moderation has kept him out of the top five.
I still will keep the same top five in that order today....
Lil Hammerhead
... The first post I to go to when I'm ready to read, An eerie train of thought makes Lil and my posts similiar many times. I can always count on an opinion to about anything I throw at out there and post.
Middle Road... I go there for the many discussions and comments but they seem to be waning lately, this blog could slip down the list at it's present rate of posting.
BigSoxFan... Team won the world series, Lives in a different kind of place, although I like visiting, wouldn't want to live there. Always enjoy his comments, Keep 'um up BSF.
Tamara... My tagger. This is a person, though I never met her, (I came close one day) I know I would like to meet her and her mom, gma. A real people person. A person I feel you could always count on! I really want to see her in body paint someday.
Brad... Brad has some great ideas to post but the constant quest to chase pussy probably occupies most of his time. Keep it up Brad, you have a long row to hoe to catch me.
My blog-a-sphere is to small to follow all the directions, but here are the comments about my top five favorite blogs. Anything more would make things go in circles.
Click on 'comments' below for the rules of tagging...
One more Item... Does anyone have spell check? Mine went missing for awhile now how about yours?


glend558 said...

The Rules:
1. Once you are tagged, you must write up short review for 5 blogs that you read regularly, including the blog of the person that tagged you.

2. Leave a comment tagging the blogs you've reviewed, telling them to continue the meme.

3. If someone writes a review of your blog, you must respond by writing a review of their blog (unless you've already written one for them).

4. After a few days, you must write a post compiling what all the other bloggers say about you, good or bad, true or untrue

bradinthesand said...

long road, nothin! you're a legend!