Sunday, February 24, 2008


Northern Islands Mayor Valentin Taisakan has asked the CNMI government to look into the possibility of mining not just pozzolan, but also lava rocks, on Pagan.
In Hawaii there is a myth telling all people it is bad luck to remove lava rocks...
Pele is also said to curse Hawaii visitors who return to their homeland with volcanic rock. However, many lava rock pieces are shipped back to Hawaii from around the world from people who claim to have experienced horrible misfortune since removing the rocks, and asking to be forgiven with letters and a small gift, like a necklace or fresh fruit.
The modern legend does have a strong basis in Hawaiian culture, as the earth is considered the mother of humanity. To wantonly take rocks without good reason and proper protocol is looked on by many Hawaiians and people who have adopted Hawaiian culture as equivalent to grave robbing.
So be sure to have your island blessed and your soul in order before delving into this undertaking. Just a friendly warning....


lil_hammerhead said...

The Northern Islanders can determine what happens in the Northern Islands when they move back there. They've been here for 30 years and still go about acting like they should determine what happens to the resources of those islands. They need to get rid of the Northern Islands Mayor's Office and change the mindset that decisions about what will happen there will be hinged on a few former residents blessings.

Having said that, maybe lava rock mining is good.. I don't know.

KAP said...

I don't know if it's still true, but I used to see letters appointing an acting mayor here when the Mayor actually went up on a visit.

Also awhile ago: A lot of people wanted to go back and the government wouldn't let them.

lil_hammerhead said...

They wanted to go back.. with caveats. About four or five years ago I believe. The demand of a large boat making regular trips, along with a budget for infrastructure and the opening of a number of specific gov't offices/services were all part of the "we want to go home" package.

Needless to say, the government was in no position financially to agree to this. The public was none to enthused about it either.

If you had a ferry ready today and let anyone who wanted to go back do so.. I'd venture to say you'd probably not have one single person make that boat.

You'll get the lip service all of the time.. if they don't go on about anything having to do with the Northern Islands, I'm sure they feel they'll lose any lingering rights to the islands. At some point, the gauntlet needs to be thrown down.. will you be going back, or will you remain here and be a resident of Saipan? I mean its only been close to 30 years already.