Friday, February 8, 2008


This sounds like it was more of a pain in the ass then a sincere apology. Was this hard to do, it sure doesn't sound like it, are you really sorry? the only sorry thing you have here is a sorry excuse of an apology, you should go back to jail again if you are out, and stay there until you are for real. What a weak, chicken shit apology, guess you were made to do this or you never would have done it at all, Right? It really made your heart bleed to issue this cold unfeeling letter didn't it?
Here is her pice of shit.. Never even said she was sorry.
Apology to students
Dear Kagman High School students:

I write to inform you that I made a bad choice but I am not a bad person. I apologize for this bad choice I made. In life, we are provided with an array of choices, both good and bad ones. I hope and wish you all select the choice that is right for you now and throughout your lifetime that will bring you an abundance of happiness.
Doreen M. Tudela
Former principal
Doreen Tudela
stole the school's sale of pizzas worth over $36,000. Pizza Hut usually pays about $2,500 to $3,000 a month and the money goes into a fund for student activities. Let's do some simple elementry school math. She took a total of $36,000.00. At the most each time was $3,000.00 a clip, 36,000 divided by 3,000 = 12. Twelve or more bad choices not 'a' bad choice. Twelve months, a whole year of bad choices, and all we get is this piece of crap? Get real!
You say "I'm not a bad person," No, you are a sorry criminal, thats all!

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downunder thunder said...

i teach there and the kids didnt seem impressed with the psudo appology either. apparently in the paper it said she paid it all back, but they didnt mention that the check she borrowed from her sister bounced first.