Friday, February 8, 2008


House-Senate Row Heats Up
By Emmanuel T. Erediano Variety News Staff
THE House leadership yesterday warned against “the evils of nepotism,” as it reiterated its opposition to the Senate’s choice for the Legislative Bureau’s directorship.
Yes we get it. But isn't that the custom and culture to hire relatives? Why does it change all of a sudden now? Did someone turn over a new leaf?
Speaker Arnold I. Palacios, R-Saipan, at the same time criticized Senator Maria T. Pangelinan, D-Saipan, for labeling the House position as “gamesmanship.”
Of course its not gamesmanship, it's our way or else. Gamesmanship has two sides. This is our way or none at all.
The Senate wants LB deputy director Glenna Palacios-Reyes to be the new director while the House candidate is former Babauta administration official Ed Tenorio. Palacios, in his letter to Pangelinan, said House is “extremely reluctant” to consider Palacios-Reyes for the post. Pangelinan, the Senate’s designated negotiator, earlier said that the dispute is about “political gamesmanship” and not “nepotism.”
Now wait a minute, then what is nepotism? Isn’t it doing favors for family or friends? How is this different?
Palacios-Reyes is the wife of Senate President Pete P. Reyes, Ind.-Saipan. Palacios told Pangelinan that “it remains the House’ collective view that the continued discussion on the matter would be futile as long as the Senate insists” on Palacios-Reyes.
It's liked this, if you don't like it our way we'll take all our toys and go home. Typical 3rd grade strategy, may be over the heads of the house though.
He said their opposition is “a matter of principle, common sense and institutional integrity of our bicameral legislative process, so it’s wrong to label it as gamesmanship.”He added, “It is about avoiding the evils of nepotism. Most of all, it is about fostering public confidence and trust in the government and its elected leaders.
”Well I for one am impressed with this show of conscience and desire to do the 'right' thing. I just am so friggin overwhelmed that I want to stand up and sing the national anthem while saluting the flag. Did someone spike the water on Capitol Hill?
The House leadership, Palacios said, cannot “ignore the potential problems that nepotism brings.”
You have been ignoring it for decades now, I can't seen to fathom why the change of heart now?
He added, “While it may be difficult for the Senate leadership to understand the obvious, we view the appointment of Mrs. Reyes as practically the same as, if not the functional equivalent of, appointing her husband, the Senate president, to the directorship. We believe such an appointment will make it impossible to establish an effective working relationship between the two houses marked by congeniality and respect.”
Well there ya go do battle till you get your way or pout the rest of your sorry term. We are so glad we put you there.
Palacios said he is “more than willing to sit down with you and the rest of the Senate leadership to explain the House leadership’s collective decision to nominate Ed Tenorio for LB director.”
You betcha we'll sit down as long as you see it our way or else forgettabboutitt.
What a bunch of crybabies, why can't they do something constructive and not go to war over a position they probably don't even need. Makes you want to pay them more money doesn't it?

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