Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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DCCA wants lower power rates for its sports section
The Department
of Community & Cultural Affairs is asking the 16th Legislature to exempt the Division of Sports and Recreation from power consumption rates or to give it affordable rates for power consumption. Melvin L.O. Faisao, the department's deputy secretary, said the division is under “tremendous pressure” to meet strenuous daily sports activities at the Ada Gymnasium. In a letter to the Legislature, Faisao said he is seeking the lawmakers' support to exempt the Division of Sports & Recreation from paying their share of the CUC rates or, alternatively, provide it a more affordable one.
Now this a grand idea lowering or eliminating the costs of power for the sports complex and the gym, a grand idea indeed. But this needs to go one step farther, suggest who will pay for it. The power doesn't come cheap and unless your plan has a source of payment then it's not a plan at all. Maybe Mr. Melvin would like one of the meters placed in his name, that would be a start. You could also request Mobile Oil to give you a 1000 gallons of free fuel a month, that would help immensely, but don't expect the rest of us who are already strung out from paying outlandish power bills to cover your costs. Maybe the users of the complex and gym could help pay for it, I know I don't need a raise in my costs, nor do I think anyone else does either.
So enough of this gimme, gimme, let someone else pay shit, just doesn't cut it!


lil_hammerhead said...

This is nonsense. Someone's going to pay in the end. The solution: If the legislature feels that sports is an important enough activity in the community, they'll put enough in the sports budget to cover the needed electricity. If they don't.. sports doesn't get some kind of magical waiver.

bradinthesand said...

insider's tip: the teams and organizations are paying the fees for the lights now. the only organization that wants the rates cut is baseball and softball.

for them it's roughly $100 per night to burn the lights at Tan Ko Field.

Look up my article from last year...

I have it on my fridge at home (because I really like the photo that I took for the piece).

I'll look up the date and provide it later.


play the games during the day on the weekends. seems simple enough.

why, there's a baseball field in marpi that can handle the overflow during the little league seasons.

oh, and capitol hill. oh, and san vicente. oh, and dandan. oh, and all over the place.

just a few ideas that don't require people paying for power.

a possible positive side effect is having people living healthier lifestyles under the sun.

maybe the guys in the fatman softball leagues, er, i mean slow pitch, will drop a couple of pounds with all of the increased activity and sunshine.

wow, water instead of beer: what a concept. hey, it could happen.

glend558 said...

Brad, Maybe foward these solutions to Mr. Melvin L.O. Faisno. You have some good ideas there.

Anonymous said...

Wait your turn...the pounds will catch up! Give 'em a break. It's damn hot in the middle of the day. I say let em play at night but they have to pay, but what are the "actual costs".

lil_hammerhead said...

If baseball is that important, and they don't have $100 to pay for the lights.. then they'll play during the day.

I've played baseball many times. My husband played baseball and softball.. neither of us ever played a "night game". Play in the sun.. the sweat is good for you.

Anonymous said...

try disconnecting half the lights. do they really need 50 footcandles at ground level to see adequately enough?