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Anything less than following this criteria will be unacceptable. This is in your face, in front of your eyes all you have to do is look!

'Pour Unspent CIP Funds on Power Infrastructure'

Resident Rep. Pete A. Tenorio says the Commonwealth should pour onto power infrastructure its unspent federal funds for capital improvement projects. Tenorio said yesterday that the CNMI will get nowhere with requests for federal funds to fix its power crisis as long as it has tens of millions of unspent CIP funds.
Here is some wise minded thinking, for all you in a position to do something about CUC, now is the time to pull your thumbs out of your asses and get on the ball. This is a concrete answer to the power problem.
“To address these problems we will need to reprogram existing 702 CIP funds, and I believe that we can easily convince the Department of Interior that it is justified for a major upgrade at CUC,” stated Tenorio.
Pete A. says it is easy to be done so instead of trying to take credit as in 'this was my idea' get to work on this. Anything less, that causes this not to happen will be unacceptable.
As of Jan. 24, 2008, the Northern Marianas had a backlog of CIP funds amounting to $57.4 million. By U.S. law, Rota and Tinian should each receive at least one-eighth of the 702 funds allocated to the Commonwealth, so Saipan cannot utilize the entire amount.
All you will need is an energetic person to get the ball rolling; this will require some dedicated attention but is doable.
A large reprogramming will have to be approved by DOI, Office of Management and Budget, and possibly the U.S. congressional appropriating committees. But the CNMI should have no problem getting federal approval of the proposed reprogramming.
Again, no problem, this is it, wake up, here is the solution, recognize it!
“This is very easy to justify, and I am very willing to make sure that the reprogramming gets approved. We may also have to dedicate some of the future CIP dollars if we need to float a bond to help pay for this, and I will assist with getting that approved, if needed,” Tenorio said.
Do not miss this opportunity, I'm telling you, it's right here, this is yours to do! Don't wait!
Tenorio said, however, that the governor will have to take the lead in requesting the reprogramming and developing the plans. So governor we are looking at you. If you do not take advantage of this opportunity your ass will be considered grass!“We cannot afford to allow tens of millions of CIP dollars lay fallow while our people struggle with rolling power outages, damaged electrical appliances, and worry how they are going to pay their bills,” he said.
You are looking for a solution to your power problem, well here it is staring you in the face. If you can't handle it I will do it for you. The CIP funds allow for payments to managers and consultants, so why don't you turn me loose on this project, I could do this!
He also urged the Legislature to pass a resolution requesting the reprogramming. Speaker Arnold Palacios recently has expressed support for funneling the unused CIP funds to addressing the power crisis.
Oh Damn, this needs the legislature, I guess they will need some assistance too.
“Let's stop delaying. We need to act now to alleviate our very critical power problems. It will take years of planning before we begin construction of a new power plant so we must begin planning for financing, architectural and engineering design, design review and contract award,” Tenorio said.
There it is in a nutshell to do anything less will not be acceptable. So rise to the occasion and let's get going... Any political bickering will not be tolerated in this process, if you do not take this and run with it your are really loosers!


me said...

With all due respect to Pete A., Mr. D., but when he first ran for lt. governor, he promised the people of Saipan 24 hours water in his first 6 months in office. he served two terms (EIGHT YEARS) but did not keep his promise.

he then proposed to have enough water in the NMI for water festivals if elected as res. rep. he's been in office going on EIGHT YEARS and we still have no water.

why should i now think he has the people's interest in mind?

glend558 said...

me: As I see it Pete A has some money to reprogram, $57 million this put in capable hands could produce positive results. I would guess before he was saying what he thought was needed now theres a way and means.If this is not put into action there is a helluva opportunity missed.

lil_hammerhead said...

Worrying what water-promises Pete A. made to win an election isn't going to get that 57million reprogrammed. And right now.. our power situation requires the entirety of that 57million dollars.

bigsoxfan said...

Glen, Your post reminded me of why I did my ill advised Al Gore rant, last month. He is the inventor of the internet and therefore, responsible for the set up of the blogger comment page. If he wants the glory for the whole shebang, he can take the crap for the dropped connection and lost comments. This is my third attempt. Damn you , Al.

AT any rate, you know where the $57M would go. Studies and consultants. I’m not too sure that amount of money would go very far towards solving Saipan’s and the cnmi, power distribution and generation troubles. Sad to say, but power plants are an expensive proposition. Pete doesn’t seem like the most trustworthy proponent of public power, but he does seem to get at the money, and shines like a beacon in the face of the weak sisters running the show these days. All the same, he doesn’t have a clue and probably won’t ever. Run the numbers. You won’t get past laying down foundation bolts for a windmill, assuming you are going to hook it up to a power line.

Not that anyone would listen or spend money, but consider small scale production. Turbine windmills combined with PV arrays would go a lot farther in the island setting. Of course, government would rather waste money on large corporations generating power in the usual manner, no matter how inefficient or inappropriate for the application. Sorry, but tens of millions won’t be enough. Keep tilting at the windmills, though. Someone might listen, one day in a time far far away. Hate to be negative, but small scale might be the way to go, if the system can appreciate change.

glend558 said...

Did you miss the part where I said I would be the one to do it?

bigsoxfan said...

Yup, now that's a different story. Thinking about the deal some more, over the morning picture, 57 m is a lot of money, if you aren't buying diesel.

glend558 said...

Though I probably won't, as long as Ben Fitial is in office. This governor seems to be comitted to driving the CNMI into the ground.
Glad you enjoyed the pic did you see the video?

bigsoxfan said...

The missus and the pmpkn are leaving on the evening train for a visit with her parents. I'll check in later tonight.

bigsoxfan said...

Ah Crap, there I was scrolling down your page and came to the largesish guy in the Borat stripper suit.

$57 million isn't enough. Seems like a lot of money, but there just isn't a power plant on the level of Saipan's needs at that price. Community generation. Think on it. Damn that is one nasty picture.

bigsoxfan said...

Just read the article in the trashbin quoting the govs mouthpiece on reallocating (the impossibility thereof with the CIP funds, they haven't even bothered to apply for yet). They just can't think outside the small box into which they have manuvered themselves. Piss on them, work harder on the next election. Maybe someone can find a solution.