Friday, February 8, 2008

946- CUT 'UM ALL

If Fitial keeps getting his way we can revert to slavery in a few years... Here is the story
Fitial Favors Pay Cut For All Gov’t Offices...
GOVERNOR Benigno R. Fitial will ask the Legislature to pass a bill that will reduce the salaries of all government personnel, according to Press Secretary Charles P. Reyes Jr.
You did include yourself didn't you, of course you did, oh foolish me to even question that!
If (the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.) is concerned about fairness, we would like the pay cuts to apply to the central government as well,” he said.
Is it really about fairness or is it about survival?
“We want the legislators to pass a law” that will lower the salaries paid by all government agencies, Reyes added.
Hell you can soon get 'um to the minimum wage, that will really save money and bring prosperity to this place, won't it? You betcha!
He said the Legislature has yet to pass the governor’s unpaid holiday legislation.
This legislature can't even get past appointing a LB director, yet alone something like this, come on get real, they are fighting now and you want them to do something as constructive as pass legislation? Good luck. What an idiot!
“We need the [Legislature’s] help,” Reyes said. “It’s up to the Legislature to bring [the bill] to the governor’s desk so he can sign it into law.
”The legislators need help to keep from shitting in their own shorts, what’s this about passing bills, passing gas would be more realistic, once a dream, might become a nightmare.
The executive branch has placed CUC under state of emergency and will impose a reduction in work hours and salary cut on its employees. Recently, some CUC staff members have started signing a petition that calls for “corrective legislative action and gubernatorial relief from being singled out as the only people in the CNMI to take 20 percent pay cut…”The employees intend to send the petition to the Legislature and the governor after they have gathered enough signatures.
Petitions to the hill will have as much effect as your vote does, get the picture, it won't count....
Note to CUC... If you want any action, cut the power to Capitol Hill and sit back and wait, you WILL get their attention, come on you can do it, or are you chicken?


Anonymous said...


I agree with a lot of what you say, but on this one, let's think a bit. With the state of the economy here, the answer most thinking people want is a major reduction in government. While that is clearly required, wholesale lay-offs wuold be a disater. There needs to be a trimming down period (I mean a serious one, not what we see).
Seperately CUC is a mess. You are suggesting that the government owned utility turn off the power where the government (and some CUC employees) live. I know it's tongue-in-cheek, at least I hope it is. It makes as much sense as the retirement fund suing their owner etc.

glend558 said...

Anon: Straight talk doesn't to seem to work so I'm trying a bit of satire to make it look foolish. Yes, they are not 'real' suggestions but as you put it 'tongue in cheek or a type of satire. It makes a person think a bit more, I think.... Thanks for your input and comment.

lil_hammerhead said...

You can't talk about mass layoffs, while the private sector offers four bucks an hour.

Constantly threatening to cut work hours, lower pay or layoff people is only doing enormous additional damage to the economy. People naturally aren't going to spend the same, when they think there's a possibility next week that they might be cut.

I know I've been repetetive, but I'm going to say it again.. a clear plan is needed. The lack of clarity about what will happen only causes everyone to close their wallets. The lack of a plan also causes fear and uncertainty.. I'd much rather be told that I won't have a job, come April 2009, than sit around wondering if I'll be out next month, or the week after that, etc.

glend558 said...

It seems the gov. loves to threaten people with their jobs. Must make him feel godlike is all I can think of. Hence his fear of the feds. He just don't get it.
Lil you and I have the overall same point of view (as in most everything else)about labor and wages, He can't keep repressing all the people while at the same time trying to boost the economy. Doesn't work that way.....
Look at the game they played, and still are, with the 396 employees all are still working, have no contract and have absolutely no idea which whim he will follow next. Not any way to operate a business or a government.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right. The game he (and others befor him) plays, is to make lots of threats. It scares the crap out of the workers but it's actually aimed at the legislators because the voters will complain to them and they have to (at least) appear to do something.
As for Lil's comments about $4 an hour, while that's common, there are companies here that pay considerably more. The problem is as long as the cheapskates are allowed to pay peanuts it allows the rest to keep pay down. Not all but surely most. Like Steel said recently if a company can't afford to pay decent wages they shouldn't be in business. Of course we are all prepared to pay more for everything as wages go up, right!